Trinidad and Tobago Carnival
St Joseph Convent, St Joseph at Junior Panorama Finals, Queen's Park Savannah on January 31, 2016.

5 Amazing truths about Trinidad and Tobago

What do you think of when you hear the name Trinidad and Tobago? Stories about the islands vary among citizens, migrants and visitors as they share experiences about the people, food, music, entertainment, places, language, sports and politics. For every positive story, a bad one jumps out to rain on the parade.

But that does not stop the uplifting stories to be remembered and told by people throughout the world. Citizens enjoy numerous benefits, those who left to live abroad keep in touch with their roots and visitors just cannot stop visiting again and again.

What do all these people have in common? They understand that there is something unique about Trinidad and Tobago that has given the islands the name “Sweet T&T” ages ago and that still stands in the world today. Here are 5 amazing truths about Trinidad and Tobago on which every person will agree once you have set foot on the islands.

5 truths about Trinidad and Tobago

it s sort of an infinity

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1. People are happy and celebratory

There is a burst of friendliness and happiness among the people in Trinidad and Tobago no matter what the situation is like. While friendly people are an endangered species, they are found in abundance in Trinidad and Tobago. Many visitors to the islands are amazed with the need of the locals to celebrate everything or gather in groups to share a drink, enjoy home-cooked and street foods, while they talk and laugh about nothing for long periods.

InvesTT states, “Trinidad and Tobago has been named the ‘happiest’ Caribbean country to live in according to the United Nations (UN). The country ranked 38th happiest country in the world based on the 2018 World Happiness Report released by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network for the United Nations.”

Trinidad and Tobago Carnival Jouvert revellers on Ariapita Avenue, Carnival 2017 in sweet T&T for Sweet TnT Magazine, Culturama Publishing Company, for news in Trinidad, in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, with positive how to photography.
Jouvert revellers on Ariapita Avenue.

In a BBC report in 2005 on the victory of the national football team against Bahrain to qualify for the 2006 World Cup in Germany, it states: “Instead of going to work the government called on citizens to go to the airport to welcome the triumphant team home. There was dancing in the streets… In the capital Port of Spain, people waved national flags and danced alongside steelband and percussion sections.”

Nothing stops the happiness in Trinidad and Tobago as you will always see smiles, laughter and celebrations flowing throughout the islands during natural disasters, economic downfalls, social ills, health concerns, competitive losses and political grievances.

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view from wahoo pation 1

Naturalist Beach Resort

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2. Talent is abundant

The overflow of talent in Trinidad and Tobago is viewed everywhere that you turn on the islands. In almost every household, you will find persons with amazing voices, dance moves, humorous jokes, skillful hands, creative ideas and persistent personalities to be the best. Some of these talents are displayed at exhibitions, concerts, nightclubs, festivals, markets, beaches, roadsides and on social media.

There are many well-known calypsonians, comedians, dance performers, actors, costume designers, artists and authors. At the same time, there are numerous local talents across the islands whose works should also be enjoyed internationally. Some of them have been featured in Sweet TnT Magazine in the past.

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Creatives expressed their passion and inspiration behind their craftsmanship, and shared photos of their works.

Neil Audain, leather sandals, belts, poya, bags, Arima vendor, Omilla Mungroo, Sweet T&T, Sweet TnT, Trinidad and Tobago, Trini, vacation, travel
Neil Audain shows off his leather crafts.

Warren Le Platte – Board game: Play mas with Santimanitay

Joyce James-Pitman – Crochet art relaxes me

Shanique Moona – Lip gloss by Nique’s Necessities a hit in T&T

Denise Scott – Scottygirl Jewelry making thoughtful handmade gifts

Cherise Castle-Blugh – My handmade is heart-made

Makh Ticklal – Makh’s Pottery Shop makes ‘anything you want’

Neil Audain – Neil the genuine leather craftsman

‘One Love Rasta’ on the Avenue

Entertainers shared their stories from behind the stage and gave readers insights about their desires to perform.

Defprince entertains with funny music.
Keith ‘Defprince!’ Wason entertains the ladies.

Juliet Robin – A musician’s story

Enrico Hyasent, Aaron Charles, Kotis Esdelle and Kirt Esdelle – Electric Breakers dancing against crime

Keith Wason – Funny music: ‘Defprince!’ brings laughter to everyone

Candice, Diana, Spud, Eleanor and Vanessa Moore – Moore’s Music band brings good family vibes

Beauty culture in Trinidad and Tobago is loaded with talented citizens and some told fascinating stories about their lives as nail techs, barbers, make-up artists and fashion designers.

Cassandra Regis. Makeup by Brianna Taylor.
Brianna Taylor applies make up to Cassandra Regis’ face.

Sommer Bugros – Nail tech Sommer makes people happy

Kelly Baptiste – Nail art is my therapy – Kelly Baptiste

Faisal Mohammed – Master of Fades, El Socorro one stop beauty shop

Quintin Feveck – Quintin aka Barber-Q guided by faith

Patrina Baptise – Look great with Makeup by Brianna Taylor

Kavita Marajh – Kavita: I’m in love with doing make-up

Nicketa Gomes – Miss Fancy Fashion House clothing made in T&T

Diane Wiltshire – Fashion: ‘Dressed Up’ online store brings vintage dresses

UpMarket offers food, clothing, jewelry and smiles

Artists and photographers shared their works and inspirations, and spoke about the enjoyment they feel when capturing memorable moments.

2 artists
Artists Gabriella D’Abreau, Rueben Gonzales and Sarah Burrows at Colurescape exhibition in June 2013.

Cliff A Birjou – Birjou pushes the boundaries of art

Perusia Granger – Perusia’s passion for art started early

Richard Rampersad – I breathe life into an image

Magnolia Howell – Free thinker: Athlete now artist on a new track

Kyle Preudhomme – Production services: ‘We deliver high-quality media products’

Chad Wilson – Photography is an art – Chad Wilson

Women in Art exhibition

Authors, writers and poets talked about their literary works and shared some insights about their passion for writing.

Coloring book
Megan Subero displays her poster and Lil Trinbagonian coloring and activity book.

Sandra Shah – Ah Trinbago Ting: Word search book for the family

Megan Subero – Coloring book: Lil Trinbagonian for culture, fun

Maya Thomas – NGC Sanfest 2016 – Maya wins poetry trophy

Beverley Ann Scott – The Stolen Cascadura a unique story in Trinidad

Stacey Alfonso-Mills – If I can, You Can Too a lovable children’s book

Donna Mae Greaves – Writing books a sweet challenge

Joel Frederick – Emotions expressed: A poet’s ‘masterpieces of metaphors’

Tricia S David – First book ‘Tuning with God’ begins Tricia’s mission

Ann Marie Amante – Ann Marie Amante: Reach your full potential

Natalie Orr – Wedding planning: DIY guide for couples

Natasha Carlow – Rainbow babies after a difficult journey

George Lynch – Lynch changes world helping African youth

Emiliya Ahmadova Azerbaijani author’s ‘Caribbean Tears’ a must-read

empty pool in late afternoon

Cuffie River Nature Retreat and Eco-Lodge

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3. Food is desirable worldwide

Recipes made by cooks from Trinidad and Tobago are well known for having exceptional flavours using specific local ingredients with which citizens are very familiar. While many of these foods are created in other countries, Trinbagonians make those same recipes taste extra special by combining spices, green seasonings, peppers and other secret ingredients while using particular preparation styles that result in tantalising delicacies.

According to ChefPencil, Trinidad and Tobago is “famous for its rich melting-pot of cuisine, influenced by a multitude of cultures”. Some of the foods they list as most popular in the islands are Doubles, Aloo Pie, Saheena, Pholourie, Chow, Bake and Shark, Gyro, Souse, Barbecued Pigtail, Black Pudding, Curried Crab and Dumpling, Pelau, Oil Down, Pastelles, Roti, Coo Coo, Callaloo, Saltfish Buljol, Dhal, Cowheel Soup, Fish Broth, Corn Soup, Pone, Kurma and Soursop Ice Cream. TasteAtlas adds Coconut Bake and Curry Duck. On the list by Islands there are Pineapple Chow, Curry Goat with Buss-Up-Shut, Curry Mango, Baighan Chokha and Macaroni Pie.

Several local cooks have shared their stories behind their creations in past articles in Sweet TnT Magazine. They have also submitted photos of their foods for readers to enjoy.

Chefs of Dockers crew cooking curried duck in big pot at cook-out wearing orange t shirts and aprons with white hats with ducks in Sweet T&T, Sweet TnT Magazine, Trinidad and Tobago, Trini, vacation, travel
Chefs of Dockers crew cooking curried duck.

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Rachelle RV Thompson – Creole food for those who love old-fashioned cooking

Annisa Phillip – Trying my hand at making roti / Proud to make fudge and toolum

Candice Hughes-Bengochea – Backyard Rum Punch / Sorrel Liquor

Lavaughn Bonaparte – Hot chow flavoured pepper sauce

Shenée Winchester and Shanice Charles – Cereal made from dasheen and cassava a Tobago treat

Marissa Armoogam – Local food a delectable belly full / Souse! It’s not just a pork thing anymore / Long time snacks / Natural teas and spices for rich Caribbean flavour / Chow time! What fruits are you having? / Fish broth a remedy for almost anything

Felix Padilla – Trini cooking: Culture preserved with a healthy twist

Candida Khan – Pastelle making a process for the whole family

Radha Ramoutar – Scrumptious fruit cake for my customers

Sylvester and Nicole Ryan – Restaurant quality dishes delivered to your home or office

Odetta Marina Ingram – Cooking and baking everything for everyone

Cassilda Spencer – Home-cooked food loaded with taste and love

Priyanka Singh and Celine Lopez – ‘Ninja Chefs’ serves quality food and drinks for everyone

Kelly Athanas – ‘Restaurant experience at home’ with Chef & Cheflys

Aunty Sharon, currants rolls, pastries, bakery
Aunty Sharon shows off her currants rolls

Marina Rivas – Christmas food with Marina

Wendy Alexander – My secret ingredient is love / Tamarind balls, sauce and stew

Gail David – Serving meals and a smile

Katrina Khan – Sushi rolls made by my creative sister

Kervel Emmanuel – Chef Kel: Hospitality is our foundation

Kerry Mc Donald – Cake decorating is my passion

Nadia Ali – Nuts – spicy, sweet, salty and savoury

Felesha Parboo – My first try at making hops bread

Kielon Hilaire – Aunty Sharon’s food is true Trini flavour

Cuisine In Ah Pot: Promoting healthy eating habits

World class hospitality graduates at TTHTI

Doubles man, one with slight pepper!

Sweet TnT 100 West Indian Recipes

coco reef resort spa 1

Coco Reef Resort & Spa

Exquisite architecture and well manicured grounds warmly welcome you to the enchanting paradise that is Coco Reef Resort. Tranquil turquoise waters caress the white sands of our private beach with magnificent snorkeling just outside the breakwater. Enjoy kayaking, pedalos, diving, tennis, gym, in-house shopping, massages, manicures, pedicures and much more.

4. Places to visit are breathtaking

Trinidad and Tobago is a haven for both citizens and travellers for the magnificent places to see and activities to enjoy. The islands are loaded with numerous monuments to view, mountains to hike, waterfalls and pools to relax, beaches to go swimming, boating and snorkelling, small islands to cruise around, waterparks, malls, restaurants and nightclubs to have some fun.

According to Planetware, the best places to visit and most rewarding things to do in Trinidad and Tobago are Maracas Bay, Englishman’s Bay, Asa Wright Nature Centre & Lodge, Pigeon Point, Port of Spain (Queen’s Park Savannah, Red House Parliament, Royal Botanical Gardens, National Museum and Art Gallery), Caroni Bird Sanctuary, Little Tobago Island, Mount St Benedict Monastery, Point-a-Pierre Wildfowl Trust, Main Ridge Forest Reserve, and Fort King George and the Tobago Museum.

Several citizens have shared their experiences at places in Trinidad and Tobago with readers of Sweet TnT Magazine in past articles. They have also submitted photos that they took at these places.

ade Program, Hotel and Guesthouse Room Upgrade Program, Hotel and Guesthouse Room Upgrade Program, Pigeon Point Beach for article on Buccoo village and Pigeon Point in Tobago by Nerissa Hosein in sweet T&T for Sweet TnT Magazine, Culturama Publishing Trinidad and Tobago,
Scenic view from the jetty at Pigeon Point Beach in Tobago.

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Strolling down Princes Town

Moruga: A little village right off the shoreline

Chacachacare – come to my island!

Las Cuevas Beach for a cool dip

Scenic Port of Spain on Lady Chancellor Hill

Picturesque Vessigny beach

Serene Knolly’s Tunnel in Tabaquite

Temple in the sea in Waterloo

Chaguaramas Boardwalk time

Relaxing at Scarborough Botanical Gardens

Toco waters call for a family outing

Manzanilla a natural beauty!

A view of Fort James in Tobago

A relaxing afternoon at Plymouth

Beautiful Tobago a mystery explored

The thrill of Toco Beach with friends

Fort George a place for sightseeing

Rural vibe in Guaya, end point of Trinidad

Maracas Beach for families, friends and vendors

Hike to Mermaid Pool in Matura with Surge Katalyst in Sweet T&T.
Hike to Mermaid Pool in Matura with Surge Katalyst.

Beautiful unspoilt Columbus Bay

Chip chip – Manzanilla jewels and delicacy

Road trip to the Toco Lighthouse

Our scenic North Coast drive

Lady Chancellor Hill – original outdoor gym

Down memory lane to Granville Beach

Piparo – a picturesque rural village

Adventure at Buccoo village and Pigeon Point

Getaway to Tobago after hectic year

Our journey to Biche to attend Stoveman’s funeral

Natural cathedral in Chaguaramas

San Fernando city: A patriot pays tribute

Paria Waterfall journey a true workout for hikers

Salybia a peaceful place for family vacation

Twin Towers, Grand Stand in foreground, city of Port of Spain from Lady Chancellor Hill in sweet t&t for Sweet TnT Magazine in Trinidad and Tobago for tourists, photography, scenic views, vacation, travel
A view of Port of Spain from Lady Chancellor Hill.

Family trip to serene Tyrico Beach

Beautiful Tobago a mystery explored

Our family trip down Manzan!

First visit to Salt Pond – Down the Islands

Icacos at the end of Trinidad

Sweet sweet sister isle Tobago

Liming in Gasparee Caves ‘Down De Islands’

Matura Basin – go swimming in mermaid pools

Cool and scenic Caura River

Bocas Islands cruise best water fun

Salybia a peaceful place for family vacation

Camping for Easter by Orosco River

magdalena grand beach

Magdalena Grand Beach & Golf Resort

The, 4 Star, Magdalena Grand Beach Resort is located on Tobago Plantations Estate, a 750 acre gated community, and offers 178 Deluxe OceanFront Rooms and 22 One and Two Bedroom Suites. All accommodations are Ocean Front with private balconies. This beachfront resort offers an 18-hole PGA Golf Course, its own Dive Center, Spa, and the largest amount of banquet & meeting space on Tobago. Complimentary wireless internet is available throughout the resort.

5. Entrepreneurship is widespread

Innovation and entrepreneurship are prevalent in Trinidad and Tobago as numerous citizens turn to monetising their talents, ideas and skills instead of depending on established companies to employ them. Big and small businesses emerge continuously all around the islands with support from both local and foreign customers.

Creatives sell their works through retailers, social media, friends, family members, at markets, beaches and exhibitions. There are many skilled labourers who do impressive work with a small crew in a very short space of time in almost any field. Then, there are the talented singers, musicians, poets, authors, cooks, graphic artists and fashion designers who flood the market with quality products and services from which consumers in Trinidad and Tobago can choose.

Support is offered to local entrepreneurs by the Government, institutions, and social groups around Trinidad and Tobago. Persons wishing to start businesses receive funding, guidance and a place to conduct business through these programmes.

UpMarket February 2017 in Sweet T&T.
Vendor at Upmarket, Woodbrook Youth Facility, Port of Spain

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NEDCO – Entrepreneurial Funding and Training

Micro-Enterprise and Training Grant

FFTS Growing Businesses

Businesstt (Trinidad and Tobago buying, selling or providing a service)

My Business In Trinidad & Tobago

HFC MarketspaceOnline

Cricut, crafting & creatives in Trinidad

Trade fair for creatives in Trinidad & Tobago

Daycares and Preschools in Trinidad

Trini Videographers, Photographers & Creatives


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