Perusia Granger, Perusia's passion, with art work for article by Marika Mohammed in sweet T&T for Sweet TnT Magazine in Trinidad and Tobago

Perusia’s passion for art started early

By Marika Mohammed. This is exactly the case for one person in particular. Perusia Granger is just seventeen years old and already her passion for art is astounding.

Art to her is a bond that she shares with her father and her love only evolved to wanting to be a full time artist in the future. Her art reflects the Trinidad history and the diversity we all share.

Art is something we Trinis should promote and encourage among our youth as it is not only a positive outlet but also a way to release untapped creativity and talent. It allows expression of one’s feelings about something personal or social and has the ability to create a conversation with the viewer.

I pursued my passion for art from since school days

Through art many people are able to forge ideas, change views and break tradition. The art pieces are beautifully designed using materials people wouldn’t think possible. Copper, clay, plastic and rubber are some of the resources used to indicate the limitless power of the imagination and creativity.

Schools may include art as a subject but not many students think it is worth learning about. They may not know it but art reflects Trinidad and Tobago in the form of Carnival and Panorama. That is why we as a society must support these upcoming artists, designers, musicians and actors in their pursuit of the road less travelled.

August 2016

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