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Getaway to Tobago after hectic year

By Nerissa Hosein. As per our usual family tradition, we packed up early Boxing Day morning and grabbed a flight to Tobago. After a hectic year filled with ups and downs, going all day, no break and no time out, we as a family make it our business to cut the pace, slow everything down, and take a getaway vacation.

Happy to getaway in the sister isle

Tobago is the place to do just that. I feel 10 years younger every time I go, I feel less stressed and blissfully happy to be out of my routine life enjoying my two young sons and loving husband. It’s what we look forward to every year!

This year, after much searching, we chose to spend our week at the Hummingbird Hotel. We always try to choose family oriented hotels.

My kids were happy to be on our sister isle this year. After arriving at the hotel and dumping our bags we went to explore and get some food seeing that we were starving. Our first meal in Tobago was from Chef’s BBQ!! One word, Delicious!!! It was great food for a great price.

My love for swimming

After that and driving around a bit, the kids were anxious to get back to the gorgeous pool at the hotel. So we went back, settled in and jumped in!! For all of us, jumping in the pool was the cherry on top the cake! We were officially on vacation.

The pool was very well maintained and a nice size for us and other guests to enjoy without running into each other. I must admit no vacation is ever a vacation for me without a swimming pool! It’s usually the highlight for me! I love to swim! My kids and my husband share my love for swimming so every afternoon we ended our adventures in the pool!

Pigeon Point gets bluer every time

The week went by so fast. Time really does fly when you’re in heaven. Most of our mornings were spent having breakfast at House of Pancakes, my son’s favourite place to eat in Tobago. As they were older this time we got to take a trip onto the Buccoo Reef.

It was such a great experience going to the Nylon Pool and No Man’s Land! I hadn’t been to these places since I was eight and now my eldest son is also eight.

Other places we visited were Fort King George, Signal Hill, Mount Irvine and the Stone Haven Beach. When it comes to beaches though Pigeon Point is our all time favourite there. I swear the water gets bluer every time I go.

Goodbye, sweet Tobago

We loved every moment of it and were all a little sad on our last day. This past year was a long one for my family, and Tobago helped us relax and catch our breath. It was such an amazing and welcomed change to our hectic life in Trinidad.

But all too soon, we were on the plane waving goodbye to our sweet little Tobago!! Hopefully, we will be back very soon!

February 2016 – Issue 20

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