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Nail tech Sommer makes people happy

By Kielon Hilaire. Some people do their hair, makeup, eyebrows, noses, lips and other parts of their bodies. Sommer Bugros does things differently to help bring more joy to some people’s lives. She is a professional nail tech/tutor who owns and manages the Sommer Naturals Nail Studio business located in Port of Spain. She is highly passionate about art in all of its forms especially when it is capable of drawing out the purest form of beauty from within one’s heart.

Sommer loves being a nail tech

While running her business, teaching others the trade, pursuing further artistic courses and being a single mother of two children, she never feels like she is actually working. This is what can happen when you simply choose to do what you love.

Like many great pioneers in life Sommer started from humble beginnings. She used to paint her fingernails with all sorts of random designs as a way to express her mood. Eventually, people began to take notice, the type that caused her friends to beam with excitement every time they saw her fingernails.

Vocational courses in nail technology

Having always wanted to start her own business, she jumped at the opportunity to become a nail tech and never regretted it. She pursued vocational courses in nail technology and became certified nail tech with Young’s Educational System. From there, the head tutor, Gail Young, later hired her as a tutor at her school where she was able to gain a vast amount of experience. Eventually, Sommer would take flight on her own.

“I love using my skill to make people happy. Like I always say: when you look good you feel good. So just having your nails done can really give you a lift. I am here to help my clients relax and to get quality nail services that bring a smile to their faces.”

Sommer claims that all of her designs are hand-painted and that many clients challenge her with designs they feel will be too difficult for her to paint; however, she never turns down challenges as they offer her avenues to further explore and expand her artistic abilities.

Clients get their money’s worth

One of Sommer’s primary selling points as a nail tech is that she offers the most natural looking enhancements that stand the test of time.

Her acrylic nails are not thick and wide (they are thin and well tapered) and she ensures that they are never overdone or gaudy, unless of course the client is into that sort of thing.

The bottom line is that her clients always get their money’s worth. This is what makes her stand out among many other nail technicians in T&T.

Sommer nails it!

World of positive and creative people

She was asked how do Trinbagonians generally relate to the craft. She said that nail technology is still a growing industry but a lot more people have begun showing interest in the field, possibly because people today feel the increasing  need for that extra perk and that there is a special sort of “me time” luxury that having your nails done allows.

Sommer has a vision to expand her nail tech business and increase her clientele, but she has an even bigger dream. That dream is for more people to realise just how talented and valuable Trinidad and Tobago is as a nation.

She also expressed that no matter what your talent is you should never keep it hidden forever. The world always has a place for positive and creative people. As she said, “If you can at least enhance the life of a few people then your life would not be in vain. God gave us special gifts for a reason.”

Sommer nails it!

Whether or not you are presently in need of getting your nails done it is hard not to admit that when it comes to embracing the beauty of living a positive and stress free life Sommer Bugros has nailed it.

You can contact Sommer for an appointment at (868) 796-8460.

Facebook link: Sommer Natural Nail Studio:

Instagram: instagram@sommer_naturals_nails

October 2014 – Issue 12

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