Exquisite Sorrel Liquor
Candice Hughes-Bengochea introduces Exquisite Sorrel Liquor.

Sorrel Liquor: Christmas drink with exotic twist

“Exquisite Sorrel Liquor is a smooth local blend made specifically to honour our culture’s traditional love of sorrel.” Entrepreneur Candice Hughes-Bengochea introduces the addition to the Exquisite Brand.

For many in our region, Christmas is not complete without a taste of sorrel. So, to delight the more mature taste buds we have developed this liquor putting an exotic twist on a classic taste. There is 7% alcohol within the recipe. Anyone 18 and older, Trinbagonians and Caribbean people alike will thoroughly enjoy. For those within the diaspora missing a taste of home – this is indeed a taste they must experience!

A ‘Christmas adultified’ drink

There was a gap in the market for a drink that is ‘Christmas Adultified’ but without the cream. Sorrel is synonymous with Christmas and any true Trini Christmas table must be adorned with a glass of it. I thought this will sit nicely in that gap. This is a true signifier that the festive season is here.

Sorrel Liquor to soak fruits or drink chilled

Exquisite Sorrel Liquor takes a classical drink and brings it to a modern and exquisite level. A versatile product that can be used to soak fruits for black cake or drizzled on it when out the oven. This liquor is the ideal product for the season. Drink chilled or on ice as it’s just as delicious. When used as a base for your favourite Christmas cocktail, it hits the right spot.

Exquisite Sorrel Liquor is proudly local, proudly T&T, and proudly female led!

Candice Hughes-Bengochea

Exquisite Brand introduces Sorrel Liquor

My love for Trinidad and Tobago’s culture fuels most of my entrepreneurial endeavors! I hold a Masters in Cultural Studies from the University of the West Indies. I usually blend that theory learnt with the experience I gained growing up in the rich cultures that encompass Sangre Grande. And so, Exquisite Sorrel Liquor is a new addition to the Exquisite Brand which was launched in 2016. One hallmark of the Exquisite Brand is Exquisite Tours. This brings quality and reasonable goods and services both locally and internationally. Exquisite Tours proudly showcases our culture to students, both foreign and local.

Supportive family

My family is my backbone. As a single parent to two young ladies, I demonstrate to them daily the courage, uniqueness, and perseverance it takes to balance all of life’s challenges. I am blessed to be surrounded by a very supportive extended family that allows me to continually chase my academic pursuits as well as explore my talents. My academic trajectory has been an interesting one. With a Bachelor of Science in Geology and a Masters in Management Studies anticipated in 2021, I’ve a quite robust background. This allows me to interject not only culture in Exquisite but science in my blends and business fundamentals in my decisions.

New venture during a pandemic

In 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic plundered through the world leaving no country unscathed. It thus called on entrepreneurs to become creative and innovative in order to survive these unprecedented times. My love of local beverages coupled with my love of Christmas birthed this new venture.

Feedback from customers

I must say, my customers have truly helped me to refine and tailor this drink to a much wider audience. Initial comments included that it needed more of a stronger alcoholic punch, I’ve picked that up some. Others wanted deeper spice notes, I’ve adjusted to incorporate that feedback as well. Therefore, this refined Exquisite Sorrel Liquor, gives you a smooth mix of local sorrel, traditional spices and the rum of the Caribbean to expertly define what Christmas means to so many of us.

Sorrel Liquor the first and not the last

Although Exquisite Sorrel Liquor is my first beverage on the market, I am already thinking of other Liquors that are needed for the market – perhaps for other seasons… stay tuned!!!

Contact information

Please contact me at 1(868) 305-0372 via text, WhatsApp or direct phone calls. We’ve recently created a Facebook page so please visit, like, comment and share: http://facebook.com/exquisiteliquorstrinidad/

To take care of those within the Diaspora and Caribbean region that would like to experience ‘We Ting’, we are also working on a website and will have that posted to the Facebook page once completed.

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