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Friendly people an endangered species

By Marissa Armoogam. Invitingly warm sunshine, beautiful beaches, enticing foods and a friendly rainbow people are all that make Trinidad and Tobago the beautiful twin isle we are. The latter of these traits however (friendly rainbow people) is rapidly becoming an endangered species. As we hurl towards becoming a first world country our human and life skills are being retracted to a time before civilisation, as we have been seeing and reading daily in the local news.

Whilst there are many wonderful attributes to our country the recent climb of heinous crimes and unfortunate orphaning of our country’s children need to be addressed… and rather urgently. I find it difficult to listen to the afternoon news or even read the newspapers as it has just become a live obituary forum.

So where are the feelings of anger and hate, the ability to harm the ones we love coming from? Are we no longer our brother’s keeper?


Everyone is scampering about to find a solution to the wave of crime that has washed down on us and with due cause, but, if we as a people were to honestly look at the issues leading to the crimes we would realise that the solution lies within us, within our relationships, our homes and places of worship.

People wake up!

Husbands killing wives, stemming from stories of unfaithfulness of either party, leaving grieving, confused and lonely children to face the world on their own. Children committing gruesome murders to prove their worth in order to join a gang. Our young women and baby girls being raped – their innocence and sense of virtue and safety ripped away from them, some by persons they trusted to keep them safe. When a school child feels there is no other way and has to take matters into his own hand and stabs a fellow student. Come on Trinbago, WAKE UP!Friends at Maracas Beach

Mothers – be the woman your children and spouse have no choice but to highly respect. Teach your daughters to be women of virtue, to respect and love themselves. Let your spoken words be something worthwhile. Most importantly keep an eye on your household – encourage and keep your children in positive and productive habits.

Fathers – be not only a man of worth and respect but be THE MAN of worth and respect of your household. A father is a child’s first hero – be their true heroes. Show your sons the manner in which a woman must be treated by example. Show your daughters the manner a wife should be treated as they look at you constantly as a partner to their mother. Be the head of your home, show them discipline and hard work yields blessing and a feeling of accomplishment no man can take from you.

Partners on the Avenue

Most importantly teach your children of the goodness of God. We are a culture made up of many types of families: nuclear, extended, single and others, but in our own family units, whatever they may be, we make time to facilitate our choice of recreation, why not make some time for encouraging spiritual growth in hopes of positive reinforcement in our society.

We can take our country back from the criminal elements by avoiding the further and future development of negative growth amongst our nation’s children. They are our future, they are the future parents, leaders and teachers, in order for us to curb crime we must become trustworthy, loyal and respect-worthy parents and authority figures.

If we start at the root within the home we are sure to produce healthy growth in the minds of our nation’s youth. It is the only way we can begin to lower the crime rate in sweet T&T.

So are you prepared to become a crime fighter?

April 2014 – Issue 9

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