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Sweet sweet sister isle Tobago

By Marissa Armoogam. So I’ve always written about the beauty of Trinidad simply because it’s what I’ve known. For all my years (we’ll leave the number a secret) I have never ventured out of Trinidad to our sister isle sweet Tobago… not until recently anyway.

Once we landed and stepped out our tiny aircraft, the warm and inviting Tobago air hit our faces and immediately awoke every adventurous sense we had. When we came out the arrival gates you could tell you were in a small island at least in comparison to Trinidad.

There were groups of eager taxi drivers anxious to take us to our villa. We had opted to stay at one of the villas on the beautiful sister isle Plantations Estate. As we drove along I didn’t even realise we were on a highway. We pulled into the Plantations’ gates and were immediately taken aback by the awesome natural beauty.

It was a group of cousins, seven ladies to be exact and we were there to celebrate the impending wedding of one of our cousins Cristal.

Scarborough the capital of the sister isle

As we pulled up to the villa we were not at all prepared for all the natural beauty we were in store for.  We all just slumped into the huge lounge chairs at the infinity pool and took in the breath-taking view of the ocean… we watched as in the distance the boats pulled into the harbour at Scarborough. We didn’t want to move, but we were easily persuaded by some tempting fun fruity drinks which were prepared and waiting for us on the deck.

The weather just like everything else was fabulous for the entire weekend. After some fun at the villa we headed out to the beach and back home to prepare for a night on the strip… This is a street in Milton with lots of sport bars, lounges and restaurants. The night life was vibrant and inviting. We made our way to the Shade Night Club where we partied until the morning to the vibrant mix of music but local soca and a great international mix. The club was safe and inviting, filled with friendly people and a fun atmosphere.

On Sunday when we had to leave, we were so sad that this great weekend had to end, but we have decided to make this an annual lime for us… bride … or no bride!

February 2016 – Issue 20    www.sweettntmagazine.com

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