Lifestyle Thoughtful handmade gifts for Christmas necklace and pendant courtesy Scottygirls jewelry.

Scottygirl Jewelry making thoughtful handmade gifts

Courtesy Scottygirl Jewelry. Yesterday I was walking down Frederick Street where I saw a gentleman selling some artwork on the pavement. I stopped. Now that I make jewelry I have an appreciation for all handmade work. I am fascinated more than ever by the boundless creativity of the Trinbagonian. So I paused to appreciate the pieces of work that was done. I was fascinated. I thought it would be very expensive but I asked him the price and he said, “$45 but I will give you for $40.” So there I was trying to sound impressive and I suggested that he find out about the craft markets and sell his stuff. “You would make a killing,” I said. He looked at me like I had three heads and said, “Miss Lady, what you asking me about craft market? Right now I don’t even have current, I just trying to survive here.”

Lifestyle - Jewelry vendor at Hasely Crawford Stadium.
Lifestyle - Jewelry vendor at Parang Festival in Lopinot.

I bought two of his pieces partly out of guilt and shame but mostly because I have never been so impressed with anyone’s work before and because it was a great bargain. I gave one of the pieces to a friend who was visiting from the US and she cried when she opened it. She found that it was such a beautiful and thoughtful gift. She said, “I would never have gotten anything like this in a souvenir shop.” It made me think of the handmade industry and it made me think of Christmas. Many have forgotten the true meaning of Christmas. Most people are caught up in the Christmas party, the pastelles, the ponche a crème, and the last minute Christmas shopping. Few sit to contemplate the best possible gifts that they can give to their loved ones. Many rush around to get the cheapest, or the quickest thing possible. So how do you convince people like that to settle down and get their loved ones and themselves handmade gifts?

When I receive a handmade gift, I think of it as something that was specially chosen for me

When I receive a handmade gift, I think of it as something that was specially chosen for me, something that is unique and special. Before becoming a jewelry designer, I used to be an avid jewelry shopper. I grew up in a time when handmade beaded afro-centric necklaces were the rage in Trinidad. Who remembers the dolphin necklace and the hand bands that were made from the telephone cable? (Now I know why I could never get a pay phone that worked). When I had my first job, every time I got paid, I would   always buy a new piece. What I remember about that time is people would always compliment me on my exotic jewelry.

Lifestyle - Jewelry vendors at Parang Festival in Lopinot.
Lifestyle - Thoughtful handmade gifts for Christmas - necklace - courtesy Scottygirl's jewelry.
Lifestyle - Thoughtful gifts for Christmas courtesy Scottygirl's Jewelry.

When I outgrew that stage and the fashion industry started to include a lot of cheap jewelry, I always wanted to look different. With the exception of my signature hoops I always reached for something that was extremely eye catching and original. Now that I have transitioned from jewelry wearer to jewelry maker, my perspective is still the same. I still try to create eye-catching, one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry.

I try to create and experience love for people. I can mass produce 100 little earrings in a day. I am not joking. I love making jewelry so much I can sit from sun up to sun down to make stuff. But would that make someone feel special or beautiful? Would that inspire you? Would you feel truly loved if you had a piece like everyone else?

I make jewelry that creates memories. At Scottygirl Jewelry I create pieces that when someone sees it they can’t help but ask you, “Where did you get that?” And when you begin to answer, you are flooded with reasons to smile; you are forced to remember a good time, a better time. You are transported to a happy moment and a feeling of love.

That’s the reason I create. And that is the reason why you should buy something that was made with thought and love. Something that was made to stand out, something that was made to carry memories. I hope this Christmas when you are getting gifts for your loved ones that you are moved to buy them something that every time they wear it or use it, they have a good memory of your love and that is a good reason to smile.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

– Denise Scott

December 2015 – Issue 19

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