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‘Ninja Chefs’ serves quality food, drinks for everyone

“Our ponche-de-crème comes in four flavours: Original, Mocha, Pumpkin Spice, and Chocolate.” Ninja Chefs Catering in Trinidad is a partnership between two best friends Priyanka Singh and Celine Lopez who share their story and showcase the food, drinks and desserts that they offer.

Ponche-de-Crème options: Mocha, Pumpkin Spice, Chocolate, Non-alcoholic, Eggless

Ninja Chefs Catering is very diversified in producing quality food for everyone. Presently, our flavoured Ponche-de-crème is our only beverage. This traditional Christmas drink comes in four flavours: Original, Mocha, Pumpkin Spice, and Chocolate. We provide non-alcoholic and eggless options in our Ponche-de-crème and tiramisus. We ensure that there are controlled sugar levels in our creme caramel. Also, we adjust our sauces and menu items according to the preferences of our customers. Food allergies, health issues and special diets are also part of what we do to ensure that our customers are happy.

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Desserts, popcorn chicken, sauces

On our dessert menu, we at Ninja Chefs Catering offer Creme Caramel, Tiramisu, Cheesecake, and Vegan Brownies. Additionally, we cater our well-seasoned, crispy, and tender popcorn chicken. This pairs well with our homemade sauces: buffalo, sweet chilli, spicy mayo, and barbeque. Our goal is to provide diversified, high quality, affordable, and exquisite menu items for everyone to endeavour and return happily. We set out to cater for everyone’s fondness. We continue to evolve and create new items along our culinary journey and for the New Year. 

Positive feedback from customers

So far, our customers have been receiving good services, and they continue to be faithful to us and help to promote us. Here’s what we’re trying to do. Suggestions, feedback and encouragement from our customer are vital to us. We are very grateful for them. We believe in consistency, friendliness and human touch. This means creating real connections by making technology feel more human to provide better customer service.

Two different cultures and traditions behind Ninja Chefs Catering

Our creations come from having a heartfelt desire to want to produce an eye-appealing, high quality, delicious, diversified, and unforgetting item. We both are from two very different cultures and traditions, which enhances and motivates us to produce food that has a story behind it, a specific technique to build flavours and merging of spices and herbs. We strive for our creation to be a building block of knowledge, experience, innovation, and one-day elevated items.

Priyanka Singh:

I was born in Guyana. Then later, I shifted to Suriname to attend Christian Liberty Academy to obtain my College Preparatory Diploma. After, I ventured to Trinidad and Tobago to acquire my Associate Degree in Applied Science in Culinary Management, which I did. As a child, I could not remember investing my time in any other activities than being in the kitchen with my grandmother. Trying to help with anything I possibly can, even holding a spoon. As I got older, my interest in culinary expanded. I began watching more shows based on cooking, which led me to experiment. I knew in my heart that this was the path and I cannot think of choosing another career. Culinary is included in the majority of my fundamental and recreation activities. My curiosity of understanding the science behind what I do and the fusion of ingredients are what interpolate my interests. My academic application has always been one of my main focuses, but none of these achievements would have been possible without my supportive mom and dad. Throughout every task and goals or new obsessions, they have been my backbone. I am thankful to them and my extended family and close friends for their support on my journeys.

Celine Lopez:

I grew up watching Food Network with my mom and having a special love for food. Not only eating but creating and experimenting with anything that was available to me. I was always eager to learn and not afraid to try something new. As I grew older, I realised that cooking was something that I wanted to do full time. My dream was to learn as much as I could so that I would be able to share that. I could take everyone on a culinary journey so they too would develop a love for food. I then attended the Trinidad and Tobago Hospitality and Tourism Institute. I obtained my Associate Degree in Applied Science in Culinary Management. Along with culinary, I am very interested in business management. I then obtained a diploma in Business Management so I would have a better understanding of the functioning of a business. When I am not occupied with food, I enjoy spending time with my family who are very supportive in what I do, I am truly grateful for them. Aside from culinary, I enjoy swimming and outdoor activities as well as planting.

Specialised menu for food allergy

We do have a specialised menu for particular customers with a serious food allergy. However, this is one of the menus that we will be publishing next year, along with many more of our wonderful anticipated creations. We do not want to spoil the surprises for next year. Do stay in tune with us! We cannot wait to showcase our new menus with all of you wonderful supporters.

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