Defprince entertains with funny music.
Keith 'Defprince!' Wason entertains the ladies.

Funny music: ‘Defprince!’ brings laughter to everyone

Music for laughter is for “everyone who appreciates life, humour, fun and goodness while being educated on a particular topic at the same time. It matters not of creed nor class, age or status,” says Keith ‘Defprince!’ Wason as he continues to spread joy with his funny music.

I believe that laughter is a medicine that keeps one alive, young and optimistic. It’s a main ingredient that I use along with real musical instruments that are played by real musicians and not simply computer-generated sounds. In a nutshell, I would say that my music is social commentary on serious topics plastered with humour to make it palatable for all to digest.

Mission to educate and entertain with funny music

My music is a mission to educate and entertain at the same time. Humour is the spice that keeps it together and makes it easier to digest even if the topic might be a bitter pill to swallow at times. I’m a fan of musical chords, variations, simplicity and the marriage of musical instruments that are in harmony with the mood, vocals and topic of the actual song. Don’t mistake Def for Deaf, I pay attention to details in my music.

‘Ah eh eating nothing that ah can’t pepper on’

According to Yvonne Webb in Trinidad Newsday, ‘Pepper Man’ was what the audience was hungry for. The article states that it was “a combination of bacchanal and smut. DefPrince accompanied by a female portraying his lover, shared about his love for pepper and decision not to eat anything he could not put pepper on. He was called back so many times he had to extempore his last verse.”

A shy man behind the funny music

I can remember something that I can’t believe I actually did up to this day. If anyone knows me well, you’ll know that I’m a very shy person, extremely so. But while performing at an event on ‘The Avenue’, I actually incorporated two patrons (complete strangers) into my act. I actually walked up to them during my performance. I pulled them into the spotlight without thinking if they came with someone, if they too were shy and dislike the extra attention. It was spontaneous and went down like we all had it planned.

Defprince entertains with funny music.
Defprince! keeps a young lady smiling during his performance.

Another experience that I would always remember is the roar I received from the crowd after my first verse during my performance at the biggest Calypso tent (Kaiso Showkase) in the South land. I remembered the roar was so loud it actually overpowered the music emanating from the amplified speakers which left me a bit apprehensive.

Musical inspiration in my life

My mom has always been a musical inspiration in my life. She is known to always be singing, playing the harmonica and guitar and actually educating me about the greats of her time like Ella Fitzgerald, Connie Francis, Diana Ross and Rita Coolidge.

My dad was known for playing records of Bob Marley, Burning Spear, Jimmy Cliff and mainly Reggae, Calypso and Soca. Even though there was no formal discussion of the genres and the artistes like that of my mom, I came to realise that lyrical content and singing against oppression was more his cup of tea. Also, I’ve always been encouraged by my uncles Trinidad Rio and Bunny B to take part in the art form of Calypso.

Disc jockey experience

My love for music and making music has a wider scope. As I’ve dabbled in Rap, Hip Hop, Rock, Dance, Jazz and Funk, my previous experience as a disc jockey has broaden my appreciation for all the different genres of music that I try to incorporate in the music I create.

My perspective in writing songs is basically from experience. It is not necessarily mine at all times. It may derive from something I have witnessed, heard or saw. It may have affected my well-being in such a manner that it became my experience as well.

2 Keith Wason Def Prince

When the Arts is the issue, Defprince! won’t diss you!

My hobbies include playing chess and dabbling in Art (painting). When the Arts is the issue, Defprince! won’t diss you! My talents involve everything among the Arts. I paint (Visual Art). I act and produce small movies from time to time (Theatre Arts). My longest film was entitled, “The Miseducation of Humanity – The V.A.P.A story”. It is a film about the importance of the Arts. Occasionally, I enjoy relaxing at the beach or Botanical Gardens when I’m not at home enjoying music or a movie.

Enjoy my funny music and movies

It all can be seen on YouTube, my music videos that I produce, edit and appeared in. On the topic of YouTube, feel free to visit My Channel and become a subscriber to get first dibs in all the latest videos, events and special titbits. Don’t be afraid to like, share and especially comment so that I can have an idea of how you feel about my work… after all, how else would I know?

Where to find Defprince!

I’m on so many platforms I can’t remember most of them. You can click the links to find me on:





Last F.M.

Apple Music




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