Moruga village in sweet T&T for Sweet TnT Magazine, Culturama Publishing Company, for news in Trinidad, in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, with positive how to photography.

Moruga: A little village right off the shoreline

By Marika Mohammed. Moruga is a little village that exists right off the shoreline. Everything is in one spot, the police station, library and health centre. It may not sound like much to see. Compared to an urban area like San Fernando or Port of Spain where there are businesses and shopping going on, Moruga has something else in store.

Village of Moruga.

It’s known for its beautiful view of clean clear calm waters, fishing and country-like atmosphere. It’s a long and fantastic drive and as you make your way deeper into Moruga you’ll probably see things you won’t see anywhere else in Trinidad. The town itself is a five-minute stroll since everything is right there next to each other and from the town is the beach which you can take in a great view.


Beaches in Moruga

The beaches are the main reason people go to Moruga. Yup beaches! You can drive continuously and see beach after beach after beach and yes they all have people. Every beach has its own treasure such as caves and crevices or rocks and hills in the water looking back at you like miniature islands. Another one has the iconic bridge that says Moruga! You can’t go Moruga and not know it. But one thing for sure is you can see the edges of Trinidad in the same way it looks on the maps. How cool is that.

Seashore in Moruga.

The water itself is beautiful for swimming and children. You may think you’re far out and the water still only reaches your knees. It’s great for the little ones as there are no waves and plenty of natural space to run wild and explore.

Suspension bridge in Moruga.

Moruga is not your posh Maracas style beach. Nope! It’s a backyard, no food hut, no luxury bathroom and changing room villa. If you want a shower after that saltwater bath make sure and bring your own bucket and water. If you think there’s a changing room with your name on it, think again. Pick a tree or if you can bring your own as well.

If you think you’ll just grab something to eat in Moruga, let’s just say you’ll be looking for something to eat for a long time, maybe leaving with your belly in your hand.

It’s not like other beaches in Trinidad with stalls, and upgraded bathroom accommodations but it has been around for years and people still love it!

June 2015 – Issue 16

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