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Cuisine In Ah Pot: Promoting healthy eating habits

We at Cuisine In Ah Pot, located at No. 32 Hermitage Road, Gonzales, Port of Spain, bring a different approach to the restaurant and catering business. We are about creating a unique fresh outlook to the food industry, providing customers with fresh food off our menu every month on our lunch menu between 6 am to 2 pm.

Slogan: Excellent services, excellent product

We also provide a personal chef’s service doing weddings, business events and other occasions. Our concept is Caribbean and International cuisine. We encourage people to eat a healthier and fresher cuisine which we eat in Trinidad. Our slogan is excellent services, excellent product. Our team consists of people with strong leadership skills that not only put their best foot forward but excel in their craft.

Some of our best jobs are working for the Chief Justice, Police Service, President of Corporation or on a movie set. The worst was the first catering job in Atlanta where we went to the wrong building.

The Cuisine In Ah Pot team

Henrietta David Jones – CEO for 40 years and counting, started the business from her home kitchen and has turned the brand into an international sensation.

Keno Jones – VP of Operations has worked for large restaurants in the United States and the Caribbean for more than 22 years. He brings kitchen/staff training and menu collaborations to the establishment.

Ebo Jones – VP of Human Resources as well as a successful lawyer and with his passion for law and people, he executes the business’ policies and procedures with flair.

Ackedo Jones – VP of Finance who has been in banking for numerous years brings fresh approach to the financial side and the growth of the business.

Angela David – Senior Accounting and Business Analyst maintains all the financial records to the business.

Contact Cuisine In Ah Pot

Contact: 1-868-702-1598 or 404-643-8925



April 2015 – Issue 15

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