Scene on journey to Toco. Photo by Nerissa Hosein.

Toco waters call for a family outing

By Nerissa Hosein. Summer is usually the perfect time to take those extra long drives with the whole family to go to the far parts of Trinidad. Toco has one of the best beaches in Trinidad, if not the best! It does not have the popularity of Maracas and geographically it may be a bit harder to get to. But, the waters on that side of the island mirror those found in magazines.

Planning for the drive to Toco

Of course, it’s not a drive you can just up and decide to take. It takes a bit of planning. We get up early, throw some chicken in the pot and make a nice curried chicken and rice. Other family members would throw in some dhal and green salad and we would have a full meal. We load up the car with all the snacks, beach gear and some cold drinks and we’re on our way by 6 a.m.

Doubles, mangoes, watermelon and plum

After picking up a few other people, we would stop in O’mera for some doubles so we’d be fully loaded for the two-plus-hour drive. For those who have a weak stomach, we would grab some Tums since the drive is long, a bit rough and windy, but all in all, wonderful scenery all the way. There are a lot of fruits selling along the way including nice mangoes, watermelon and plum. I usually want all.

Crystal clear, warm and calm waters

Alas, after the long drive we would arrive at our destination. On our recent trip, the waters did not disappoint, but then again it never had. It’s crystal clear, warm and calm. At this part of Toco, there are no waves, only ripples. It’s kid friendly for the most part, although there was a current this time to be weary of. But, it did not spoil the beauty of the bath.

We got a good spot for all three cars of our caravan and were in heaven. The sand felt different in that it was extra hot! We had to either run across fast or wear beach shoes. But, once we touched that water, all the burnt feet were forgotten. The water did not disappoint.

Chocolate cake for dessert

We easily spent two hours there having fun before we forced ourselves to come out for lunch. Curry is best served at a beach lime for sure. Add in a little chocolate cake for dessert and we’re stuffed! But, once we’re rested and have fully digested our meal, we were back in the water again.

Farewell to a peaceful abode

A couple hours later, we pulled ourselves out and bid farewell to this wonderful, peaceful abode. The drive home is tiring, but we are fulfilled as we enjoyed the trip so much, we don’t even feel the sunburn until the next day. Toco is surely one of the most beautiful experiences to have in Trinidad.

October 20017

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