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American visitor loves Trinidad & Tobago

Martin Alleyne is an American who has been visiting these twin Caribbean islands since the age of 13 and has had several experiences that he claims “you cannot find anywhere else in the world”.

He was especially interested in the Carnival season. He said people here actually partied 24 hours a day which was perfect for him because he was very energetic and was a lover of the night life. Martin states, “After my first Carnival experience in Trinidad, man I was psyched… there is no party like a Trinidad party.”

He lists three things that made partying in Trinidad so different from what he was accustomed to. “First, it is the length of time. When y’all party, it’s like the party would never stop. Second, where I’m from, they stop serving alcohol at 2 a.m. but here, at two in the morning, you guys are now popping a new bottle of Hennessy. Y’all crazy. I like that. Third, you have an endless supply of gorgeous women in your parties, which definitely cannot compete with parties in the rest of the world.”

As an American, Martin talks of his first Carnival experience in Trinidad.

He states, “The first time I partied here, I thought to myself that there is nothing these people can do that I was not prepared for because I have been all over and I was in shape, but I did not realise the type of stamina you needed to party back to back for so many days.”

Martin talks about his first Carnival experience in Trinidad. He flew in on Wednesday and partied both that night and Thursday night. Then, he went to Soca Monarch on Friday. He was awoken on Saturday morning to go to Port of Spain to watch the kiddies play mas and partied again that night until 5 a.m. On Sunday, he spent all day in Port of Spain and went to Jouvert until 4 a.m.

On Monday morning, he was awoken by the sounds of drums and in the streets of Arouca he saw people in “Halloween costumes”. He joined in the fun all covered in oil, paint and more alcohol. He says that he was given “Puncheon” to drink which felt like liquid fire. “You can keep that stuff, I’ll stick to Hennessy,” he says.

Martin could not believe that a party could have lasted that long. “People were still jumping up at nine and ten in the morning, and we kept on drinking because the amount of pepper you Trinis put in your food allowed you to do that. I knew I was not prepared for that,” he says.

“On Monday evening,” he says, “I remember coming from ‘mud mas’ and seeing people dressed in Carnival costumes now leaving to go and play mas. I heard someone in my crew say that we were going home to bathe, change and go back out, and I said, ‘What are you talking about? We can’t do everything.’ But, I was wrong because everybody in my crew did exactly that.”

At 9 p.m. Martin called his relatives abroad to boast about his experience thus far and then fell asleep. When he awoke, it was Tuesday night. He states that for his first Carnival in Trinidad, he missed the entire parade of bands because he was too tired from all the partying. He became the laughing stock among all his friends and family in America.

He says, “I was disappointed that I missed the most important event but I am not disappointed about my trip. It was the greatest trip of my life. I slept so much on Tuesday that on Wednesday I was ready for that long ride to Maracas Beach up that mountain.” Martin says that he was amazed with the skills of Trinidad drivers to go up, down and around the road that leads to Maracas Beach.

Martin told his American friends about his visit to Trinidad. “My friends in America did not believe my story about this place called Trinidad where people partied back to back on the street and on the beach with an unlimited supply of beautiful women. It is a young man’s dream.” Every year since then, he visits T&T around Carnival time just to experience the craziest week of his life and by now he has witnessed the Parade of Bands many times.

November 2011 – Issue 1

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