Pastelle by Candida Khan for Sweet TnT Magazine, Trinidad and Tobago

Pastelle making a process for the whole family

By Candida Khan. It’s our family tradition to endure the long process of pastelle making. We always make it fun when we get together and play music, chat, and laugh while making awesome pastelles. Some are made with veggies and others are filled with chicken, beef and turkey.

Washing, slicing and steaming of the leaves

Mum does most of the preparation work. First, there is the washing, slicing and steaming of the banana leaves. She says that it helps with the flexibility of the leaf to make it easier to bend when folding. Then, there is the preparation of the meat and the cornmeal.

Four stages to making pastelle

There are four main stages to making pastelle and our team gets the job done.

  1. Mum sets out the table and she starts with the rolling of the cornmeal.
  2. I place the cornmeal on the presser and insert the filling that closes it up.
  3. My sister ties the strings and my brother wraps it in foil.
  4. My dad cooks and boils the pastelle.
  5. When it’s done we open out the banana leaves and enjoy the goodness within! It’s really a delicious dish. Making pastelles for Christmas with my family gives me such a warm feeling. I love this holiday season.
Pastelle by Candida Khan for Sweet TnT Magazine, Trinidad and Tobago

December 2017

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