Eye technology: Seeing is believing and this world is beautiful; eye care, testing and repair

Eye technology

Optical science has been around through physics and research for a few thousand years with research and experimentation in optometry, testing, and related eye technology development constantly evolving. This article explores the fascinating journey of eye care, from ancient practices to modern advancements. Meta smart glasses 2024 | Ray-Ban® USA …

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The entourage effect: How cannabinoids work together for enhanced healing

The entourage effect

Unleashing cannabis’ potential: The entourage effect for better health. Key takeaways The entourage effect enhances healing by combining the actions of cannabinoids and terpenes. Individual responses to the entourage effect can vary, emphasising personalised cannabis treatments. Cannabinoids, particularly CBD, offer potential benefits for post-surgery wounds and muscle pain relief. Informed …

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