Coloring book
Megan Subero displays her poster and Lil Trinbagonian coloring and activity book.

Coloring book: Lil Trinbagonian for culture, fun

Megan Subero, 25, created the ideal gift for children to learn about the culture of Trinidad and Tobago. Lil Trinbagonian is a coloring book with activities based on heroes, national events and birds in the twin islands. The coloring book is designed for children ages 5 to 10 to enjoy the educational activity-based content while having fun. It is suited for children living in T&T and abroad.

Coloring book
The coloring book is designed for children ages 5 to 10.

National anthem, watch words in coloring book

The graphic designer’s coloring and activity book consists of 44 pages. At the bottom of each page, there is a fact footnote of the activity or content. Also, the back of the book has T&T’s national anthem, watch words, motto and national pledge.

Inside is black and white and the cover is colored. It keeps with the national colors red, white and black with a few Lil Trinbagonian’s characters. The book has a pull-out poster of T&T’s national flag which children can place in their rooms.

Megan’s passion for Arts

Megan shares her story about her passion. “I have been a freelance graphic designer for about 4 years. I was exposed to Graphic Design from my High School – Bishop Anstey High School East. This inspired my passion towards Arts. After high school, I got accepted into the New York Film Academy where I completed a Diploma in Film and Creative Design. I thought I had a passion for film, but I later discovered I had more a passion for editing. From editing within the programme, I expanded more of my knowledge on Graphic Design.”

Inspiration for my coloring book

She talks about the motivation behind Lil Trinbagonian. “I got my inspiration from another book that I did for a school project. We were assigned to make any kind of prototype based on the theme hummingbirds. I designed and produced a coloring and activity book. From there, I realised how amazing it will be if I did one based on our culture. I thought about highlighting most of our noteworthy heroes, holidays and people.”

Coloring book

Support from family

Megan expresses gratitude to those who helped. “I received overwhelming support from my family. They helped me in every way possible they can while I am currently pursuing abroad my education in Graphic Design.”

Availability of Lil Trinbagonian

Interested readers can click the link to visit the Lil Trinbagonian Facebook page to order copies of the coloring book. It is priced at TT$35.00.

Like the page for updates from Megan about the availability of the coloring book in bookstores. You will also learn more about the author’s upcoming book based on Kiddies Carnival.

March 2020

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