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Chef Kel: Hospitality is our foundation

My name is Kervel Emmanuel known as Chef Kel. I am a chef by profession nine years now and love what I do. I am a past student of the Trinidad and Tobago Hospitality and Tourism Institute where I studied Culinary Arts and now at the open campus in the completion stage of my studies in Human Resources Management.

Chef Kel brings good food and a show

I work both internationally on the Disney cruise line and locally in many of the large production kitchens. At present, I am an offshore chef.

Working as a chef means early hours, late nights, and to add, rocky seas at times. What pushes me? Love, dedication and a will to bring hospitality to a new level.

People love my work and the flair that comes with it because where Chef Kel is there must be a show but also great food.

My best job

At the start, cooking for John Public wasn’t easy, for the demands were high with so many expectations, but it never stopped me from giving my best. Whenever there was a problem, there was always a solution at hand to correct it and get the show on the road.

My best job was cooking with a team of eight young men and a woman preparing in two weeks a total of 14,400 meals that comprised of breakfast, lunch and dinner led by Chef G Lindsay, culinary lecturer and chef consultant that opened and broke us out. It wasn’t easy but as a young chef and being new to the industry we did it.

Chef Kel: I appreciate and respect my country

I run my own catering company Chef Kel’s Kitchen and also provide service staffing. From point to point, improvement has been made to always make it better for clientele. That has always been a satisfaction with my work because we believe the hospitality is our foundation and the service is our pillars.

Trinidad and Tobago is amazing, there is a lot of talent and it is truly a blessed nation. While I have been to other countries and islands I have learned to appreciate and respect my country for its development and the opportunities it offers to us the people.

I enjoy the unity of the blessed island where I see all creed and race just bonding for that common thing called love.

Local love and flavour

I will continue to do what I do here because here is mine to take, to develop, to carry a product, a brand, and way of life forward so the world can come here to experience a local love and flavour.

One person is little, but I say the power is in the youth who possess strength in unity and should have will-power, must be fearless and have dreams to act upon. Everyone must find their talent, know it, appreciate it, work on it and share it with the world because with youth and a talent, you can make this world a better place. We as young people are the next generation.

October 2014 – Issue 12

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