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Hosay Videos From Trinidad and Tobago

St. James Hosay Videos

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Hosay is a very somber event, it marks the martyrdom of Husayn (also known as Hussein) and Hassan, the grandsons of the Prophet  Muhammad. It is celebrated by Shi’a Muslims. The largest Hosay procession locally is celebrated in St James though over the years there has been processions in Curepe, Tunapuna, Couva and Cedros as the popularity of the festival increases.

The festival lasts for 10 days but the last four are the most popular as the first six are days of fasting, prayer and construction of the “Tadjahs” and “Moons”. Tadjahs are decorated models of mosques and are said to be replicas of Hussein’s and Hassan’s tombs. Each surrounding community constructs a Tadjah and supplies an accompanying tassa side. Two moons representing Husayn and Hassan are also constructed during this period. The processions are as follows:

Day Seven – Flag Night – The street processions begin with “Flag night”.  Hundreds of devotees walk through the streets carrying multi-coloured flags.

Day Eight – Small Hosay – On the second night of processions, tadjahs are carried slowly through the streets of St James.

Day Nine – Big Hosay – The tadjahs are carried throughout the streets and the procession is accompanied by tassa drummers. The dancing of the moons by special dancers depicts the brothers’ triumph over death.

Day Ten – Day of Ashura/Hosay (Day Procession) – On the last day, there is a parade of tadjahs that all ends with the tadjahs being symbolically dismantled on the foreshore in St James.

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St. James Hosay Videos, St. James Hosay Videos