Emotions expressed in Caffeinated Whispers, Butterfly on a Purple Moon, If Love was a Word

Emotions expressed: A poet’s ‘masterpieces of metaphors’

“These pieces… are deep emotions which have been sometimes repressed or which have been allowed to run wild.” Joel Frederick is a Trinidadian poet/author with three published books of poetry based on his life experiences. He shares insights about himself and his work.

My poetry comes from a deep emotional place inside, and it’s also an avenue for me to deal with my own personal struggles and insecurities. These pieces of poems and prose also come from my imagination and varying heights of joy and all the other levels in between.

All are deep emotions which have been sometimes repressed or which have been allowed to run wild. The end results are emotions which are manifested into my masterpieces of metaphors, colourfully painted and articulated onto paper or spoken.

No words of honesty with emotions

My pen can be very heavy at times as it minces no words of honesty. Simply put, poetry is a unique art form in which the author expresses his thoughts in his own way. It is also a form of storytelling which has the power to evoke emotions of encouragement, sadness, love, lost, triumph and even hope.

A ‘griot’ who educates and entertain

I don’t really consider myself a poet per say, but a scaled down version of a “griot” to some degree. The difference is that I use the paper as my compelling voice, to educate, entertain or to spark the reader’s mind in some way.

Poetry is an art form that is courageous and not afraid to speak out of the things which defines us as a society. If my work just touches even one person, then it would not be in vain. To me, this is poetry at its essence, the ability to connect to people emotionally, at specific levels of their consciousness.

My God-given talent

Why do I write? Besides being possessed with an infinity of words and creativity, I also feel that God has given me this strange talent to use.

I also feel that if I write something, someone will be willing to listen to what it is I have to say. Someone will connect somehow… and pause and think or reflect for a while… and that is all there really is to it.

About the books of emotions

These books are for anyone who is going through issues of love, heartbreak, depression, challenges and a myriad of emotions which we experience in life. They aid to touch the reader somehow in hopes that it may further give them hope to know that they are not alone.

Caffeinated Whispers

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“Caffeinated Whispers” is a collection of a rainbow of poems that touches on different subjects of life. From the very heights of joy to the deepest caverns of despair and all other emotions between.

It is thought provoking yet simple but quietly screams at the reader to take notice and to pause and reflect somehow.

Butterfly on a Purple Moon

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“Butterfly on a Purple Moon” is a collection of inspirational poetry geared towards touching the soul of the reader. Love is supposed to transform us and propel us to emotional heights which we never dreamed of reaching. This brief collection of love poems and prose attempts to do just that to our hearts.

Akin to the life cycle of a butterfly we are all beautiful, regardless of how short or long our lives are. It is beautiful none-the-less. Be that as it may, each stage in our lives has a purpose. We just need to accept and figure out how we deal with each challenge that we face and become open to the unfolding of life.

If Love was a Word

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“If Love was a Word” is a collection of pieces that seek to redefine contemporary poetry once again. In these pages you will find the honest soul of a man who does not seek to apologise for being honest… honest about love, romance and sometimes heartache.

It is my interpretation that if love is what it is supposed to be, then why is it so hard to define or even comprehend?

‘Catapult your emotions’

Maybe, as you consume these poems/pieces with your soul, it may very well give you the nourishment that you need to catapult your emotions beyond the heights of the stars, even if it is for a short while. The results are pieces which attempt to pursue this enigma.

Additionally, dotted in between are other pieces which are considered unique concerns of the human heart. Ultimately, it comes down to the challenge of looking for love and being in love despite the many other trials and distractions of life.

Availability of books

Currently my books are available on:


R.I.K. Bookstores nationwide

Scribbles and Quills, Lange Park, Chaguanas

Contact information

You may contact me via:

Email: jwwf32@yahoo.com

Facebook: joel.frederick.75 / jwwf32

Instagram: jwwf32/

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