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Richard Rampersad: I breathe life into an image

My name is Richard Rampersad. I am currently a full time practising artist. I am the recipient of a first class honours degree in Visual Arts from the University of the West Indies (UWI) and possess certified knowledge in Graphic Design from the School of Business and Computer Science as well as Mehndi from UWI.

I have been engaged in art-making at around age 10 and have always felt a creative impulse resonated in my consciousness. I specialise in figurative painting and ceramics, and also experiment with other media such as wire, fabric, paper and natural fibres.

‘My art is a mirror of my mind’

My imagery responds to the realistic and/or abstract nature of an idea or narrative. My fascination for anything I see, feel or experience propels me to do what I do and informs how I do it, as my art is a true mirror to my mind. I take pleasure in doing what I do and I believe my conceptualisations deduce more than what meets the naked eye.

My art delves into the deepest recesses of the human heart and soul. As a composer in the visual realm, my motivation to breathe life into an image comes from a variety of things or an aspect of one entity, interrogated heartlessly. I am not bound by realism and being a non-linear thinker drives my art-making and creative decisions.

Artist Richard Rampersad

Richard Rampersad shares asked questions

These are some questions posited about my art: Does the somewhat incompleteness in some pieces expresses an unfulfilled longing by the women? Are they helpless and fragile? Are they presented as if they are caged and struggling for nurturance? Does the physics of my light distribution on the figures correspond and function as it would in reality, and what narratives can be derived from such treatment?

Artist Richard Rampersads Desperate Dreams
Artist Richard Rampersad 2

T&T the place to be

My most memorable experience from my last exhibition was the support that I received from my mentors, family and friends as well as the impact and conversations (physical and emotional) the work made on those who came to the show.

I love my country and its rich and intricate woven tapestry of cultures. Cliché? I think Trinidad and Tobago is really the place to be! The versatility of the people and our energetic culture is appealing to me. I sometimes take my cues and inspiration from our landscape and its inhabitants.

In my attempt to give back to society, I also teach art allowing persons to engage in this practice and in the process I present young persons with an alternative other than delinquency which helps create a positive outlook for my country.

October 2014 – Issue 12

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