Water quality: Flooding and fecal contamination

Bathers at Maracas the popular beach, mountain, sand and sea, Caribbean sea, Sweet T&T, Sweet Trinidad and Tobago. Water supply in Trinidad.

By Ronell Bridgemohan, Phd Research Assistant at University of Florida. “Water quality and quantity are critical issues for Caribbean islands, especially after storm events and subsequent flooding. Increasing levels of fecal pollution pose a potential economic constraint and hardship … I have personally been affected by water borne pathogens and …

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Biohacking: How the beauty industry is transforming

Biohacking: How the beauty industry is transforming, Cassandra Regis. Makeup by Brianna Taylor.

Biohacking has become more and more mainstream as entrepreneurs are making the biohacking secrets accessible to the wider public. There’s one area where biohacking is just starting to have an impact: the beauty industry. Here’s how. Biohacking your body “Biohacking” encapsulates many different practices. A reporter from Vox describes, “Since …

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