Health insurance: 5 tips for staying insured in the event of a layoff

Health insurance

“Health insurance is an important way many families protect themselves from health and financial risks, so it’s important for consumers to know they have coverage options if they experience a layoff,” said Louise Norris, health policy analyst for “Layoffs create a double hardship for many people because they result not only in …

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Self-care with GRYT helps struggling youth become empowered adults

Self-care for teens

The GRYT self-care line is made for teens/tweens to make a positive impact. While the COVID-19 pandemic introduced a host of new challenges for adolescents, data shows that the entire previous decade saw an astonishing 40% rise in mental health issues for this particular demographic. Much of the responsibility for reversing this …

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Skin Cancer Awareness Month: People need to get annual skin checks

Skin cancer

According to a recent survey for May 2023, Skin Cancer Awareness Month, from the Prevent Cancer Foundation, 70% of Americans 21 years of age and older have not had a skin check in the past year. Survey participants’ most cited reasons for not being checked were not experiencing symptoms (29%), not knowing they need to be checked …

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