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Sushi rolls made by my creative sister

By Candida Khan. My sister Katrina Khan is such a creative person. She is an artist at heart, she writes poetry and has been making leaps and bounds in her academic life. She is also fond of making sushi rolls. She developed a liking towards this delicacy a few years ago, an expensive thing to like.

Recently she decided to try to make it on her own as a way to keep the cost down and still feed her hunger. Being her creative self, she found the items that she needed locally which included: sushi rice, rice vinegar, nori/toasted seaweed and wasabi. She did some research and read up on the techniques and what she would need to buy before she could make sushi rolls. Having a determined mind, she attempted to make it. She had the loving support of my mother who helped her through this process, getting a taste for it herself.

Best sushi rolls ever

In my opinion, she made the best sushi ever, even when compared to restaurants. Up to this very day whenever we have family over, she makes these rolls. Everyone loves her rolls. It’s fantastic. Every roll is different and she uses all different types of ingredients as fillings, even the unconventional.

She also tried the inside out sushi where the rice is on the outside. It’s such pretty food to eat! Really colourful and yummy. Did you know that I did not like sushi at all? Now, because of her and her dishes, I’m quite fond of it.

It’s best to uplift and support family members. You never know what great things they are capable of!

February 2016 – Issue 20     www.sweettntmagazine.com

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