Cooking in Guaya. Photo Marika Mohammed.

Rural vibe in Guaya, end point of Trinidad

By Marika Mohammed. “Where’s that?” someone asked when I indicated that’s where I was for the weekend. It’s real far, but it’s nice. Emerald waters, long drive and fun for so. Guayaguayare, more locally known as Guaya, is far from most people’s mind. Who could blame them? It doesn’t have beach facilities like Maracas does and the nearest place to get something to eat is in Mayaro. So, now you know that if you must head to Guaya, you better stock up early.


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Scenic view on long drive to Guaya

It’s a long drive. One of the longest I’ve ever been on. However, its rural vibe gives a scenic view. The trees are lush with various shades of green and yellows. Lots of birds to see, and no need for that air condition because the air is cool and lung appealing. Guaya is another end point of Trinidad and it’s here you can see the Trinity Hills. Also, you can see oil wells and Galeota point in a far distance burning gas. The best part, no sand flies or mosquitoes!

Vast Guaya beach

The beach itself is gorgeous. There’s tons of space to park and lime. No matter how much people it may have you can always keep driving until you find somewhere you like or have space. There’s no parking facilities so it’s a free for all. It’s long and vast, so no matter where you bathe there’s always enough room to swim, scream and play on the sand and in the water.Fence in Guaya. Photo Marika Mohammed.

River in Guaya. Photo Marika Mohammed.
River in Guaya.

Cooking, camping, fishing

There’s so much that goes on at Guaya. Real Trini lime, people were cooking, camping, and fishing. I even saw people paragliding, that was a real treat. Guaya had so much to offer! I climb hills, went in a cave and so many ocean treasures. The breeze was great for kite flying and it was a fantastic place to relax. I had such a great time.

 October 2017

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