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Temple in the sea in Waterloo

By Marika Mohammed. Every country in the world has its own wonder, for Trinidad, The Temple in the Sea in Waterloo is one of them. It is not only a place of prayer for people but a reminder that if you want something bad enough you’ll find a way to get it. It is exactly what it is. A temple in the sea and a popular site for photographers, tourists and locals. It comes with an old story, not written but orally passed down by Trinis, of a man who built it to pray. The story itself is one of true faith and commitment.

Building of the temple

It begins in the early days when the Indians arrived to Trinidad to work on the sugar plantation. One man devoted to his faith started his prayer routine. One day the plantation master saw what was going on and told him that his people were not allowed to practise their religion on his land. The man then took a rock, walked to the sea and threw the rock into it. He kept doing this until he got a little land to stand on. He continued to do this until he got a little path away enough from the shoreline. He continued to drop rocks in the sea, making a small island. Then he built a temple for both his people and himself to practice their religion. The plantation master couldn’t do them anything.

It is not only a wonder filled with wisdom but it is absolutely beautiful. There are several benches and tables to enjoy a nice picnic and view the calm waters. It is so peaceful and quiet. There is even a statue of the man who built this incredible wonder. Everyone I met was warm, welcoming, and willing to give their opinion on the site or retell the story to someone who has never heard of it before. It is a must-see as it embodies such concrete values of hard work and determination.

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