Fashion: ‘Dressed Up’ online store brings vintage dresses

Dressed Up is a retail shoppe which specialises strictly in dresses. Diane Wiltshire known as ‘Fury’ is a Trinidadian-born entrepreneur and fashionista who spearheads the ‘Dressed Up’ brand. After a year of serving the fashion-forward public from its Newark, New Jersey base, it brings a new online presence. Dressed Up the online store will be offering a unique collection of contemporary and vintage dresses. It will continue to infuse the beauty, elegance and warmth like its physical counterpart. This is commonly referred to as ‘Dressed Up the Shoppe’.

True Caribbean fashion

Fury takes pride in delivering an extraordinary and personal experience. In true Caribbean fashion, she is passionate about meeting and mingling with her esteemed clientele. Originally, she was resistant to the idea of adding a digital adaptation of her shoppe. She was hesitant about its ability to support her vision for the brand of the business.

Need for a virtual approach

The emergence of Covid-19 brought about an all-round necessity for online product and service procurement. Fury propelled herself into creative mode in order to reimagine a virtual approach to Dressed Up. Her plan is to continue to manifest a fulfilling, productive yet unique experience for all.

‘Meet people where they are’

She shared, “My intention, in opening my shoppe, was to always ‘meet people where they are’. And, where we all are in this moment is finding ways to virtually satisfy our needs and desires.”

Dressed Up the online store has received favourable and enthusiastic feedback from an international cross-section of dress aficionados. It has gained praise for both its mixture of modern and vintage selections. It has maintained a high level of elegance and personality that has become one and the same with the brand.

Fashion by Meiling and other entrepreneurs

Currently, the online store has a range of dresses. They are available to customers in the Continental US and internationally to those with access to sky boxes. Fury, whose goal is global expansion, is pleased to have Dressed Up as the new online retail destination for dresses. She aspires to grow it into a virtual marketplace. The online brand features the dress collection styles of Caribbean fashion icon Meiling. It will eventually be a platform for other entrepreneurs to showcase their products.

Support for other small business owners

For Fury, finding ways to support other small business owners and entrepreneurs during these unprecedented times is a priority. For her, “there is strength in numbers”. So, she is committed to creating one platform where, on a monthly basis, fellow entrepreneurs are able to showcase themselves.

Dressing survivors of domestic abuse

Most notably, the charitable arm of the ‘Dressed Up’ brand ‘reDressed’ maintains its mission. It will continue to dress survivors of domestic abuse as they re-enter the workforce.

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