Carib Great Race 2015

The Carib Great Race 2015

Carib Great Race 2015

About The Great Race

The Trinidad & Tobago Great Race has been running for over 50 years! It is one of the world’s longest running offshore powerboat races in the world. Boats in multiple different speed classes all compete to win their class and for the fastest boat to Tobago title. The course has changed over the years but not by much.

Currently the race starts in the Gulf of Paria in Trinidad and makes its way through the first bocas then up the North Coast of Trinidad. The boats dip into the famous Maracas bay, round a marker and then head to Grande Riviere. At Grand Riviere they then round a marker and take a heading for Tobago. Last race course took the boats up the West Coast of Tobago up to Plymouth where they round a marker and then back down to finish in Store Bay. 

During each leg of this race the racers experience totally different water conditions. Flat calm waters in the Gulf, churned up lumps in the first bocas, head on swells on the North Coast, side head on swells from Trinidad to Tobago, very rough conditions in the shallows, then relatively calm waters up the West coast of Tobago. 

Every year there are many breakdowns so only the best prepared boats are the ones to finish. Just finishing the race is a massive accomplishment. The crews spend many weeks preparing the boats for this race so it is truly a rewarding feeling to finish.

In 2018 The Great Race became a UIM sanctioned event with an official world record course included in the race course. The world record is a total of 80.5 miles and starts from the last marker of the circuits in the gulf and ends at the first marker in the circuit in Store Bay, Tobago. Motul Monster became the first boat to set and capture this world record and currently hold the fastest time of: 47 minutes 43 seconds.

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