La Brea Pitch Lake in Trinidad and Tobago by Paulina,
La Brea Pitch Lake, Trinidad. Photo courtesy

Travel blogger loves Trinidad and Tobago

Heya, I’m Paulina, born and raised in Luxembourg but I consider myself a citizen of the world. I have been travelling since 2007 when I was 18 and have been known as a sailing enthusiast and travel blogger. For almost three years, I’ve shared my travel experiences on my blog The blog is about slow and sustainable travelling such as hiking, sailing or cycling and is written in both English and Spanish. I started writing in Spain and wanted to share my experiences with the Spanish-speaking community too.

Sweet TnT Magazine - Paulina, yachtie, in Trinidad.
Paulina discovering the beauty of bird watching.

Journey of a travel blogger to T&T

After working for several years in Spain, my fiancé and I decided that it was time to move on and we started a boat hitchhiking trip from Tenerife via Cape Verde to Barbados. As Barbados was too high for our limited budget, we bought the first cheapest flight we found… which brought us to Trinidad and Tobago!

Cultural mix, food, Temple in the Sea, Panorama

We immediately fell in love with the vibrant cultural mix, the gorgeous landscapes and of course the food. Even though our time in Trinidad was limited, we stayed a bit more than one week and travelled around every day visiting as much as we could.

Sweet TnT Magazine - Paulina, yachtie, in Trinidad.
Falling in love with the vibrant sound of a steel pan group from the T&T Army.

Highlights of our visit were the Pitch Lake in La Brea, the beach and food stalls of Maracas Bay and the tranquillity of Las Cuevas Beach where my fiancé played soccer with a few guys from Trinidad.

My favourite part of Trinidad is definitely the cultural mix. The Temple in the Sea and Hanuman Murti statue are impressive examples of Trini’s cultural richness. We were lucky to get to know members of a steel pan group who invited us to Panorama in Arima.

Sweet TnT Magazine - Paulina, yachtie, in Trinidad.
Enjoying the laid-back beach at Las Cuevas.

My readers want to know more about sweet T&T

After writing about our stay in Trinidad and Tobago, I get a lot of messages from my readers asking for travel advice. They are usually surprised to know that there is so much to do in a country that we rarely speak about.

Sweet TnT Magazine - Paulina, yachtie, in Trinidad.
Climbing a coconut tree at a beach between Blanchisseuse and Paria Bay on a hike to Paria Waterfalls.

Many think that the Caribbean is a dull mix of sunshine and beaches. But, when they hear about all the cultures living together in Trinidad and Tobago, it’s very intriguing. They are keen to know more about sweet T&T and talk about visiting soon.

Read more about Paulina’s visit to T&T on her blog at

May 2018

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