Twigs Naturals Teas and Spices

Natural teas and spices for rich Caribbean flavour

“… reflecting our Caribbean experience by using all-natural ingredients… our product profile presently includes over 17 teas and 16 spices that contain no preservatives or additives.” Nigel Jordan showcases his local teas and spices.

Twigs Naturals is for anyone who would like to enjoy the rich flavour of the Caribbean. Teas and spices are made from ingredients that reflect our culture as a people. It lets the ones who are familiar with this experience reminisce while it lets the unfamiliar get a slice of our world. The company produces products reflecting our Caribbean experience by using all-natural ingredients. Our product profile presently includes over 17 teas and 16 spices that contain no preservatives or additives.

From craft project to natural teas

I am a daddy of 3. The idea of Twigs Naturals popped into my head after a craft project with my son one Sunday afternoon. The first tea bags were made from coffee filters and ribbons. In many ways, Twigs Naturals forced me to learn new skills. I did not have any experience in manufacturing or the food and beverage industry. Experience in the corporate world, marketing and my academic background in art and design helped make the challenge a bit easier. 

From craft project to natural teas

Generally, we get positive feedback from our customers. Presently we are working on increasing capacity and pushing towards international markets. The biggest challenge is to do this while maintaining the high standard of quality that our customers know us for.

Availability of natural teas and spices

At present, our product is available in the UK via:

@twigsnaturals on IG & FB

868-48TWIGS (89447)

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