Cassandra Regis. Makeup by Brianna Taylor.
Smiling with confidence for any work challenge.

Look great with Makeup by Brianna Taylor

As we near those celebrations like Christmas and Carnival that surprise women with invitations to events that require you to dress up at the last minute, makeup should be scratched off your to-do list with Makeup by Brianna Taylor at 868-337-3098.

Makeup by Brianna Taylor.
Brianna Taylor.

Makeup for your photo shoot or any event is done at your convenience by the talented Khayla Baptise, owner of Makeup by Brianna Taylor, the name for which she is fondly known. The fun loving makeup artist is 18 years old, lives in Chaguanas, and is a cosmetology graduate of YTEPP (Youth Training and Employment Partnership Programme).

Her passion for makeup was explored from the tender age of 13 and her determination to follow her dream was encouraged by her loved ones. Ever since, Brianna has been going with the flow attending business fairs and using social media to promote her professional makeup service to women around Trinidad.

Many satisfied customers have contacted Brianna to make arrangements to have their makeup done for photo shoots for editorial, business, fashion or family portraits, and events whether it be bridal and baby showers, business meetings, Christmas dinners, party cruises and birthday parties.

Zayna Mc Donald takes the Carnival look

Zayna Mc Donald. Makeup by Brianna Taylor
Zayna Mc Donald, Dancer and Performing Artist, displays the appearance of a dazzling masquerader with colourful eyeshadow, eyelashes and studs.
Zayna Mc Donald. Makeup by Brianna Taylor
Trying on synthetic eyelashes.
Zayna Mc Donald. Makeup by Brianna Taylor

Flaunting her makeup with synthetic eyelashes and also with her very own batters.

Zayna Mc Donald. Makeup by Brianna Taylor
Zayna Mc Donald ready for the road.

Cassandra Regis all set for work

Cassandra Regis. Makeup by Brianna Taylor.
Cassandra Regis, Supervisor, looks radiant, sophisticated and ready for work.
Cassandra Regis. Makeup by Brianna Taylor.
Makeup is applied.
Cassandra Regis. Makeup by Brianna Taylor.
All set for those clients.
Cassandra Regis. Makeup by Brianna Taylor.

Smiling with confidence for any work challenge.

Sinead Ryan-Bramble all dressed up for dinner

Sinead Ryan-Bramble. Makeup by Brianna Taylor.
Getting ready for her dinner party.
Sinead Ryan-Bramble. Makeup by Brianna Taylor.
Treating herself after a hectic week.
Sinead Ryan-Bramble. Makeup by Brianna Taylor.
Looking great and enjoying herself.

Reactions of satisfied customers

Brianna says she loves to make people look beautiful and she feels great when their reaction shows their satisfaction. While some women want to be surprised by her creativity, others are very particular about what they want.

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