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Fish broth a remedy for almost anything

By Marissa Armoogam. Growing up I can clearly recall the fun my siblings and I had at each family gathering and event, be it a wedding, birthday or just a Trini day lime. As you all may know EVERY Trinbagonian event is usually accompanied by some extremely tantalising and delicious food like fish broth one of my favourite dishes.

Steaming hot pot filled with every type of ground provision, fresh ground green seasonings, a selection of delicious and perfectly seasoned fish, bits of pimentos and hot peppers and of course a little piece of Golden Ray… I mean it’s fish broth and at the end a squeeze of some fresh lime juice before serving. All of these ingredients swim around in the most decadent and delicious broth I tell you this is a remedy for almost anything that goes wrong.

It must be consumed hot and you should always have a full meal on standby since this has been known for opening up your appetite. This dish can definitely be had at any given time, but for me in particular, I crave for this broth when it’s raining.  Imagine a rainy day, outside your door is wet and all you want to do is be inside. I love to get comfortable on the sofa pull my legs up under a nice blanket, put the television on to an intriguing show and enjoy spoonfuls of the hot, steamy and flavourful fish broth. Usually I just fall asleep right after this and I wake up when the end credits of the show is on.

Besides being very tasty a good fish broth is also extremely healthy, all the goodness of the fish, provisions and vegetable are left right in the broth and not strained away, so the goodness remains and is then enjoyed by one and all. So the next time you have a small lime or even as a starter to a grander dish or perhaps if you feel a bit under the weather, a nice big hot pot of delicious fish broth might just be the right ticket.

August 2014 – Issue 11

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