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The thrill of Toco Beach with friends

By Therese Chung. My dear friend, invited me to Toco Beach and as a Trinidadian who loves life I accepted the invitation. Mellissa advised that we all had a road trip and should meet at her home. We got ten of us together in three vehicles and away we went, heading for a fun-filled weekend in Toco Beach, which is located to the North Eastern Coast of Trinidad.

There were guest houses on the hills in Toco Beach, offering bed and breakfast to guests. We booked the entire house for the weekend. You could find just about any guest house to suit your needs from romantic self-contained bedrooms to spacious house for groups of friends and large families.

We walked down the pathway which led to the beach. Untouched and natural, the rocks and caves were out of this world. I ran in one of the caves, natural formations of rock with the sea and sun. Some of us ran up on the rocks and stood there waiting to see the reaction between the waters and the natural land formations. We could see the waters gently creeping toward us… Then all of a sudden, to our anticipation… SPLASH!!!!!!!!!!

The waters collided with the rocks and up in the air it went with a full force covering us with the thrills of the cool and refreshing Toco waters. We stood there for hours, just looking at the waters and awaiting them to cover us with their magnificent energy.

February 2014 – Issue 8

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