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Cool and scenic Caura River

By Marissa Armoogam. Trinidad has long been known for its tempo and exhilarating life movements, but for those of us who sometimes like to take it a bit slower, Trinidad has just what we need. Hidden among the ample mountains and hills of the northern range is the scenic and ever flowing Caura River.

Now just so you know it’s not all curry duck competitions and loud music! I have been visiting Caura River religiously twice a month since I was just four years old. In fact I celebrated my fifth birthday there, sticking my birthday cake which was firmly planted on a rock in the middle of a shallow pool in the river with family all around.

Caura nostalgia

The minute the car turns into the El Dorado Junction a wave of childhood nostalgia sweeps over me and the excitement begins. Not only is the drive up the mountain fun, but the scenery and cool mountain breeze is unbelievable. It’s as though you can actually hear your lungs sighing as they fill with crisp, clean mountain air. The drive from El Dorado Junction takes  about 20 minutes according to how fast or slow you make the drive, for me, I like it slow, you know, take it all in!

Along the drive there are numerous fresh water springs that you can see and lots of little tributaries and hiking tracks. Hundreds of local fruit trees line the road side, once in season it is quite normal to see avid Caura enthusiast stop along the way to gather or “pick up” mangoes, plums, cashews and tancobeans.

Once you get to Caura itself there are two sites to choose from, Pool Side 1 and Pool Side 2, beside these there are many other little “secret” bathing areas to use.  As soon as a spot is chosen that’s when the fun starts, most people choose to cook at the river with fire-wood whilst others decide to bring something along and just spend the day relaxing.

After a good meal and maybe some chow made with local fruit, the next item on the agenda is a nice cool soak in the clear waters of the river. If you find a good area where the water is flowing over the rocks and you just lean back, get ready because you’re in store for a natural massage. So next time you need a break away from the hustle and bustle, gather some family or friends and head to Caura and enjoy the pristine natural bamboo sheds, fresh air and cool water.

August 2013 – Issue 5

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