On the left we have tamarind balls and on the right tamarind stew in sweet T&T for Sweet TnT Magazine, Culturama Publishing Company, for news in Trinidad, in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, with positive how to photography.
On the left we have tamarind balls and on the right tamarind stew

Tamarind balls, sauce and stew

Wendy Ann Alexander has done it again with her tantalising dishes made out of tamarind. Local readers might just be saying how much they love “tambran” balls, “tambran” stew, and “tambran” sauce.  All these delicacies are made with the sweet tamarind fruit that is also eaten straight out of the shell.

Visit any parlour in Trinidad and Tobago and have a sugary tamarind ball from the large bottle probably made by the shopkeeper. A perfect one will have enough pepper for you to suck the seeds dry while blowing for relief.

Don’t forget tamarind stew

The tamarind stew will have you licking your fingers and eating the paper on which it was served in the parlour. The fusion of flavours is simply irresistible.

Local cooks use tamarind sauce as a kitchen helper to season peas, chicken, and almost any dish that can do with a tamarind twist.

Tamarind sauce

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Chow time!

Chow time By Marissa Armoogam. Pommecythere, apple, pineapple chow by Joanna Hayde in Sweet T&T, Sweet TnT Magazine, Trinidad and Tobago, Trini, vacation, travel

One thing that must be known the world over is the love a Trinbagonian has for his stomach. We love food. It’s not so much a grab and eat situation, when we eat it is an experience each time, of course there are times when we have to eat and run, but on most occasions and in most families the meal is what makes the celebration whatever it may be.

When we cook we seldom follow a recipe, the meal is cooked with time acquired know-how, we taste as we go along and add a pinch here and dash there… you know we put lots of love into it and we imagine our loved ones enjoying it and that in itself propels us forward to want to make it even yummier.

Anyway this article is not about any gourmet meals but a favourite of every Trinbagonian at least that I know. CHOW! Now chow can be described as anything that you can add some savoury seasonings and within minutes you have a mouth-watering snack that when eaten usually just opens up your appetite.

I consider myself a bit of a “Chow Connoisseur”. I have made chow with almost every fruit you can think of, both local and foreign fruits. There are many different methods that Trinis use to make a good chow. I have tried most of these variations but I always gravitate back to my favourite recipe.

So now I share with you my time honoured and very delicious and simple method for making a Trini Chow. Now remember you can use any fruit of your choice from mangoes, plums, guavas, green paw-paw, cherries, etc… the list can go on for miles.

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