Bamboo Cathedral in Chaguaramas, Natural landscape, beautiful scene for hikers by Marika Mohammed.

Natural cathedral in Chaguaramas

By Marika Mohammed. The Bamboo Cathedral is known for the natural dome shape that extends along a narrow road after you pass Chaguaramas. Its natural wonder continues to evoke interest in the minds of everyone who passes by. The beautiful green landscape is accompanied by the view of the ocean. To see the ocean is no easy feat but like many passersby claimed to me it’s worth it.

There’s a sign at the side of the main road showing where it starts, so when driving, drive slowly to take in the natural beauty of Trinidad. Also, you might miss the sign as many others have done and will regret it. However, it is one of those places where vehicles are not allowed. You have to park at the side of the road and walk it. It has the main trail which is paved and a variety of smaller trails that go off road for the avid adventurer. Make sure to take water.

Bamboo Cathedral surroundings

Hydration is important and if you don’t, you’ll beat yourself up for not being prepared. Sneakers. The best thing to trek with. There’s little information on how long it takes to the top and I saw many people who wore slippers stopping at a point and regretfully turning back.

I too was ill-prepared for this unknown trek as it was my first time, but even without water and my slippers I was determined to make it to the top. While walking up, it’s cool and breezy. You can hear the bamboo creek, the birds whistling and see butterflies in abundance. You can also find many people riding their bikes up the hill or getting in a little exercise. It’s a long stretch that never seems to end, but while walking, I stopped many to question the length and time frame.

Some say it’s a 10-minute walk while others claimed 30 to 40 minutes. So time was ambiguous since many trekkers were consumed with their surroundings. Once on top you are at a bird’s eye view of the ocean. It’s so green. Absolutely breathtaking. You can see where Trinidad curves off and nearby mountains. It only adds to the accomplishment of making it to the top.

Day of adventure

At the beginning like most people you may feel intimidated by the quiet and forest feel of the environment. But for those of you who do, it’s not a horror movie. Just try it. For safety go in groups and enjoy it with friends and family rather than ponder on the negatives. If you let fear hold you back you’ll be the one missing out. Besides, everyone was so friendly, if you want to feel safer ask to join their group.  It’s a full day of adventure in Trinidad’s backyard, the Bamboo Cathedral, so just have fun.

Trekkers take in natural beauty in Chaguaramas.

October 2015 – Issue 18

First visit to Salt Pond – Down the Islands – Sweet TnT Magazine

By Omilla Mungroo. We built our camp hurriedly alongside the small, red-brick structure which housed two water-tanks. These were reserved for the lighthouse keeper, our friend. It was the neatest tent we ever managed to set up: the blue tarpaulin was new and stood stable against the forceful Easter winds.

Tourism Trinidad unveils TV commercial

A new Destination Trinidad commercial captures the essence of the island’s sports, events, and conferences/meetings. Tourism Trinidad Limited (TTL) launched its 60-second television commercial to showcase the key tourism niches to inspire travel – when possible. The original composed background soca-infused music aligns with the footage.


Sunday September 27 is World Tourism Day (WTD) and the theme for the celebrations this year is “TOURISM AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT”. The purpose of WTD is to raise awareness on the important of tourism in affecting the social, cultural, political and economic values of the international community.

How to access the Hotel and Guesthouse Upgrade Program (TAUP)

The Government of Trinidad and Tobago recently announced an extension and expansion of the Trinidad and Tobago Tourism Accommodation Upgrade Project (TAUP) for a period of three (3) years from October 01, 2020 to September 30, 2023 that will be applicable to all accommodation owners and operators.

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