Lip gloss by Nique's Necessities
Shanique Moona, left, founder of Nique's Necessities, poses with her cousin Etosha as they display the popular lip gloss.

Lip gloss by Nique’s Necessities a hit in T&T

Shanique Moona, 16, founder of Nique’s Necessities, dazzles ladies of Trinidad and Tobago with her very own lip gloss. Shanique’s success started off with a bang in October 2019 as the demand for her lip gloss quickly sky rocketed. Her first batch was sold out within four days of its launch. She promoted her product on Instagram @niques_necessities_ and received numerous requests from persons in T&T and abroad.

Idea behind Nique’s Necessities lip gloss

The spunky teen of Bourg Mulatresse, Lower Santa Cruz says that from young she had always dreamed of owning businesses. As a teenager using lip gloss, she started Nique’s Necessities to satisfy her own needs. “I love lip gloss, but whenever I buy them, they are either too thick, too thin or they don’t smell good. I also love making things with anything I can get my hands on. So, I came up with the idea to make a lip gloss that suits me and started doing research,” she says.

Researching the internet

Shanique shares her story behind her lip gloss research. “Google and YouTube helped me a lot. As the idea came up, I looked for anything that would teach me about making lip gloss and packaging it. I decided to make a product that looks pretty, smells nice, animal cruelty free and vegan.

Niques Necessities

Support from family members and friends

Shanique said she is thankful for all the support she has received. “When I shared my idea with my family members and friends, they immediately started to work on things. Everyone was ready to start my business before I was.

“My mummy Denique Lynch helped me with the prices, advised me on what to do and started working on business registration. My daddy Shawn Moona designed my logo immediately and took me around to get the supplies I needed. Aunty Ladonna from church who owns businesses guided me on how to run a business and deal with customers.


“I receive a lot of support from friends and cousins. Seanelle is 17, has her own nail business, does my nails and assists me with my business. Kerrice is also 17, has her own business selling shades and clothing and helps me. Micah, Kaitlan, Renniesha, Mahaylia, Alexia, Etosha and Aunty Krystal help me a lot. Before I started selling the product, I gave out samples to my cousins, friends at school and their friends. They critiqued it and offered advice to improve it.”

Response from customers

Shanique aims to satisfy her customers. “So far, I have only received positive comments. All my customers have said that the product smells nice, feels good on the lips and leaves it moisturised. These comments are music to my ears because I like to make customers happy.”

Lip gloss by Nique's Necessities.
Shanique, left, and Etosha pose with the lip gloss.

School, hobbies and dreams

Shanique is a student at School of Practical Accounting where she studies Graphics and Web Design. Her plan is to own a business in the field. Other than school and work, this young entrepreneur is just an ordinary teenager.

“My favourite colour is purple and my hobbies are eating, sleeping, watching TV, making things, listening to music and dancing. I love music from back in the day such as R&B and slow tunes. I dance in church with a group called Destiny Dancers. My plan is to branch off and start my own dance company.”

Shanique dreams to travel the world. “I would like to have branches of Nique’s Necessities in different countries across the world. I will come back to Trinidad to stay but I wish to live in a place that feels safe.”

Lip gloss by Nique's Necessities.

Future plans for Nique’s Necessities

The brand Nique’s Necessities will represent a lot more products in the future. “I will be making scented candles, hair accessories, body mists, lip oils, eyelash oils and more items soon. I will make them for myself and then for customers. I have gotten requests from persons in other Caribbean islands, so I need to set up a website. I want to do ecommerce and be able to ship the products to my customers abroad.”

Lip gloss by Nique's Necessities.

Advice to young people

The 16-year-old offers advice to young persons who are thinking about starting a business. “If you have an idea, put pen to paper and brainstorm. You must always think positive, have the best mindset and you will reach wherever you want to go.”

December 2019

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