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Master of Fades, El Socorro one stop beauty shop

Interview with Faisal Mohammed of Master of Fades Barber Saloon.

I am a professional hair stylist and barber with over 20 years experience under my belt. In addition to my personal talent, my family and I have implemented male and female clothing and accessories with the aim of being a one stop convenience location in El Socorro for all things beauty and physically related. We are happy to say that both businesses have emerged to maintain the different look and style of each individual customer.

Appointment system and crowdless saloon

In my spare time I enjoy cycling with a competitive cycling club. Cycling has maintained my mental and physical well-being. Apart from cycling, I enjoy spending time with my family and watching my two beautiful daughters grow.

Master of Fades was established with the sole aim of being like no other in the industry. From an inviting and welcoming interior design to a well organised and effective appointment system. Our customers can enjoy the comfort of a crowdless saloon. I am sure the complimentary coffee and snack station only lend to an enjoyable experience when you visit us.


Master of Fades and Celyssa’s Boutique

Customers can have their hair cut and styled at Master of Fades and then choose an entirely new attire from Celyssa’s Boutique, the sister clothing company located in the same store.

Some of our clients include government entities, entrepreneurs and reputable professionals. The only issue we have encountered in the early stages was that customers would complain about having to wait too long to get their hair cut because at that time there was a numbering system. Since these complaints, we have made the system into an appointment system which allows the customer to just show up at their pre-scheduled time and get their hair cut and styled without waiting.

Since our existence to now, we have not received any complaints about haircuts or styles except towards correcting another barber’s error. We are happy to say customers that enter Master of Fades always leave fully satisfied at the service given to them. Most of our clients have been with us since the doors first opened with an ever-growing clientele that always leave with a smile.


Living in a blessed land

Trinidad and Tobago is nothing short of a paradise. Only in sweet T&T we have all ethnicities living together in harmony. We eat, we drink, we party and we lime as one! We live in a blessed land, where the white sands and blue sea are only a 50-minute drive away. Not forgetting our mouth-watering local cuisine known to all who visit and our entertaining and talented soca artistes.

We are also home to the sweet melody of the steel pan. Trinidad is and always will be my home. It is here where I have enjoyed the simple pleasures in life and definitely will never see myself in any other country. I travel and visit other countries but always make it back to sweet T&T.


Master of Fades advises youth to have confidence

Trinidad has a lot of talent that exists in the youth. We see our young ones excelling in all different kinds of categories and we definitely need to lend our support to them. Every talent is and should be backed with passion. What we enjoy doing is what we should pursue as careers. I have never considered in my youth that barbering can become an actual career but it is through my‚Äālife‚Äôs work and experience that I have built a career from what I enjoy.

My advice to the youths of our nation is to always have confidence in what you are doing regardless of what it is. Be strong and devoted in your skill and your business will prosper.

April 2014 – Issue 9

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