Dasheen and Cassava cereal from Tobago

Cereal made from dasheen, cassava a Tobago treat

Cereaously Grounded breakfast cereal is made from dasheen and cassava ground provisions. It is a product of Dear Diet Enterprises in Tobago. It was pre-launched virtually on Friday, November 20, 2020 for online customers only. Cofounders Shenée Winchester and Shanice Charles share details about their product.

A cereal high in fibre

Cereaously Grounded breakfast cereal is family friendly. Most persons do not meet their daily fibre requirements. Our cereal is high in fibre because its rich in ground provision which is a form of complex carbohydrate. We as Dietitians are advocates for the use and incorporation of complex carbohydrates in daily nutritional intake. This is because it promotes overall healthy lifestyle and better quality of life.


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A flavourful snack

The flavour we will be releasing to the market first is Caribbean Coconut. The texture is crunchy and the flavour warms up your palate with its tropical coconut and subtle spices. The cereal has been in recipe development stages for about 3 years. There were countless requests from interested persons after they saw our entry for the Tobago Festivals Blue Food Festival Competition.

With each bite, the flavour warms up in your mouth and is very crispy so we know children especially will be fond of it. Some feedback thus far has been persons saying they even use it as a snack and not only with milk. They enjoy the pineapple chunks as the flavour compliments the coconut very well.

Cereal made from dasheen, cassava a Tobago treat

From Chefs to Dietitians

We both started off in the culinary field with our Associate Degree in Culinary Management. We met at the University of the West Indies when we both turned in our chef hats to become Dietitians. We completed our BSc in Human Nutrition and Dietetics and Diploma in Institutional Community Nutrition and Dietetics. Shanice is currently working in the Food Service Department at the Scarborough General Hospital and Shenee at the Community Nutrition Unit at the Tobago Regional Health Authority as a Dietitian.

Support from friends and family

During recipe development, many friends and family members of both partners were designated taste testers. They gave us honest feedback and suggestions that made the product what it is today. We are very grateful for their help and continued support.

Using local products in a unique way

Initially, Dear Diet started off as a meal delivery service for persons with Lifestyle Diseases such as Diabetes and Hypertension. Starting such a business required a larger Capital investment that we could not comfortably afford. We were both recent graduates and not employed at the time. So, we revisited the drawing board. We brainstormed on ways to use local products in a unique way that people would enjoy while still sticking to healthy eating guidelines. Then, we came up with the idea. After, we decided that the cereal was the best option. We started doing research on where to start. We also relied on our educational backgrounds as well to help perfect the cereal.

Cereal 1
Pictured: Cofounders Shenée Winchester (left) and Shanice Charles (right) at their i95.5 fm Interview with Mr John Benoit and Mrs Tricia Beckles of the Strategic Business Development Unit of the Tobago House of Assembly.

Available to online customers

Currently, the cereal is available to onlinecustomers only. We have not yet decided on a date for entry into the supermarkets. We do know that it will be early 2021. So far, the most common response is one of amazement. Persons are shocked to see dasheen in a non-savory form. Other common comments are compliments of the flavours, crunchiness and some even pinpointed the spice undertones.

Cereal 1 1
Pictured: Cofounders Shanice Charles (left) and Shenée Winchester (right) at Pennysavers Canaan on Wednesday 18th Nov 2020 in their 1st Market Sampling Promotion of their Cereal, Cereaously Grounded ®

Other flavours to come

Cereaously Grounded is the first product that Dear Diet has launched. We do have other flavours in the works. Also, we are constantly researching and developing recipes to reinvent personal favourites with local options. We intend to have a variety of healthy snack options that include local staples and other flavorings in new and inventive ways. We at Dear Diet intend to step out of the box of what healthy snacks are perceived to be and give our customers the variety they deserve.

Contact us

As of now, we are just sticking to online orders for our cereal and we share the order forms via our social media pages. We are aiming to have our products available at physical locations within the early 2021 year.

Our social media:

Email: deardietent@gmail.com

IG @deardietent

FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/deardietenterprises/

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