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Photography is an art – Chad Wilson

By Kielon Hilaire. Since the advent of cameras almost 200 years ago more and more people have consistently gotten used to the idea of “taking a picture”. Today, taking pictures have become a way of life for many people, thanks to high quality cameras now being embedded into most cell phones, ensuring that users have less of a reason not to capture life’s best moments. And no, “leh meh take ah selfie” hardly ever qualifies as best! With that said, many people have lost the concept of what true photography is all about. But not Chad Wilson.

In love with photography

Chad Wilson is a photographer residing in Trinidad who is six feet seven inches tall, which interestingly makes him taller than Kobe Bryant. He considers himself to be a diligent and ambitious individual who is open-minded enough to embrace life for the fun and positive affair that it generally deserves to be.

Chad is in love with photography, simply because he sees it as an art – an art so distinctive that it can capture the highlight of an entire day in a single second. But of course there’s more to it. “Anyone can take a picture,” Chad said, “but someone who can take a perfect shot without needing to use Photoshop or artificial lighting is what I consider to be a true photographer.”

Chad Wilson's interview by Kielon Hilaire

Taking great shots in Trinidad and Tobago

Chad is presently the CEO and founder of C Wilson Photography where he fulfils his primary role as a photographer, constantly taking great shots of a variety of persons, places and things located all across Trinidad and Tobago. Whether it’s photographing guests at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, snapping pictures of beauty queens as they strut down glamorous runways or some exotic animals down at Trinidad’s Caroni Swamp, Chad is always ready to take action with his trusty camera.

As to how he got started, Chad Wilson recalls when he was 15 years old and had gotten his first camera. Oh, the joy that was. He wanted to take pictures of every bird, plane, sun, moon, car, beach, tree, leaf – practically every living and non living thing in existence. And of course, he wanted to take snapshots of so many beautiful women! Thank God he has huge thumbs and a huge memory card!

Models at Cascadia by Chad Wilson

Nevertheless, as passionate as Chad is about photography he claims that nothing means more to him than God and his son. Therefore, he said that despite all the challenges and discrimination he sometimes faces as a photographer he will continue to climb the artistic ladder until he becomes universally known as “De Photographer”. His aspirations stem far beyond the confines of Trinidad and Tobago as a primary goal of his is to make his business international.

‘A picture is a thousand words’

Finally, Chad was asked what makes a picture beautiful and he replied, “A picture evokes strong emotion but the power of the picture lies completely in the eyes of the beholder. It is subjective, not objective. It is personal based almost entirely on the experience of the viewer.”

He then expatiated by saying, “A picture can convey a thousand times more detail than words can. If you had never seen a rose and I described it to you, you could never grasp the beauty of it. But if I showed you a picture of a rose, then you’ll capture the entire image.” Yeah, I agree – what he said!

Facebook link to C Wilson Photography:

August 2014 – Issue 11

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