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What a zoorific time at the Emperor Valley Zoo!

By Marika Mohammed. The word on the streets was about the massive changes that have taken place at the Emperor Valley Zoo. I wanted to check it out and see what the buzz was about for myself. I was definitely awestruck on the reconstruction of the entire landscape for the animals. Each enclosure took some geographical landscape to the origin of the animal home. The highlights were definitely the animals. How zoorific!


The zoorific big reveal

The otters were a delight to see as they swam and played to entertain onlookers while the crocodiles could care less for the visitors. I absolutely adore seeing the pony and was tempted to actually pet it as it was so close to me. The big reveal, however, was when the zookeeper fed the giraffes treats to bring them out of their home. From looking at the behaviour of the giraffes, it looked as though they were shy. They were utterly cute.

Family petting bird

I enjoyed the turtles and flamingoes and the various types of monkeys, fishes and birds. To top it all, I liked how they combined the various tropical flowers to make the scenery more colourful and fun. It

was definitely amazing and a great workout walking and seeing all the animals. They indicated that they are going to expand with an African safari soon so I hope I will get to see it as soon as it is completed.

Feeding giraffes

April 2014 – Issue 9   www.sweettntmagazine.com



guys watching macaws


Scarlet Ibis




zoo crocodile back

zoo crocodile front

Zoo crocodiles

Zoo flamingoes

Zoo flamingoes1

zoo macaw4

Zoo monkey

zoo monkey1

zoo owls

Zoo pony1

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  1. Long time i haven’t been to the Emperor Valley Zoo, after reading this I think will take the family on Sunday.

  2. How wonderful and great it is to see positive stories from trinidad

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