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Buzzing at Macqueripe Bay

By Marika Mohammed. I’ve been itching to go Macqueripe Bay since I heard about it! However, everyone shut me down. When there’s nowhere to go some people would give into an annoying request to go somewhere that was thought of as dilapidated and dangerous.

When we got there, the first thing to notice is the amount of activity going on. There is zip lining, bike riding and just plain ole liming. Vehicles were parked bumper to bumper on the side of the road since the car park was full. Everywhere was full. The benches, the carrot sheds and the kids play park.

There’s a pathway directing you the beach and I could help but noticed how manicured it was. Whoever takes care of the place does a really great job. It’s like a garden you wished you had at home. Above your head you can see people zip lining, going into the trees. Along with that screams of laughter and occasional fear coming in and out of the lungs of thrill seekers.


At the bottom, it’s all concrete, so sneakers and sandals are welcome. It opens up to this grand basin of green water surrounded by a forest. I was like ooooooo and ahhhhhhhhh! Yes I can finally see what the buzz is about. The water is cold! And you can feel the current beneath you, so if you’re not a swimmer do like the rest of us and stick to the shore. Kids are fearless and you can see them diving off some ledges on the other side of the bay. They were doing it like nothing and others holding on to floating devices to keep above water. The water itself is wow. Diving underneath, it’s all green.

It just looks like wow. There’s no other way to describe it. I was told this is where the submarine would dock and I could understand why. It is definitely submarine material.  For those who haven’t been here a while, go back. It has definitely change. It’s still buzzing and attracting locals and tourists alike.

October 2016

Macqueripe Bay


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