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Castara Bay. Photo by Terryann Bishop.

Tobago secret beaches: Off-the-beaten-path

Ah, Tobago, the smaller, more laid-back sister island of Trinidad, beckoning with its turquoise waters, lush rainforests, and secret coves. While the allure of Pigeon Point and Store Bay may be undeniable, sometimes the most breathtaking beauty lies hidden in the whispers of the locals. Here are 10 picturesque Tobago secret beaches, kept under wraps by those who know and love the island best.

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10 Tobago secret beaches

Little Tobago Island

A tiny jewel off the northeast coast, accessible only by boat, Little Tobago Island is a nature lover’s paradise. Its beaches, framed by emerald rainforest, shimmer with pearl-white sand and are lapped by gentle waves.

Snorkel among vibrant coral reefs or simply bask in the untouched serenity. There are no driving directions available. However, you can take a ferry from Scarborough to Little Tobago Island. The ferry ride takes about 45 minutes.

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Bloody Bay

Don’t let the name fool you – this crescent-shaped haven near Speyside offers tranquillity, not bloodshed. Secluded and fringed by palm trees, it’s a haven for swimming, sunbathing, and picnicking under the swaying coconut palms.

To get to Bloody Bay, take the Toco Main Road east for about 100 kilometres. Then, turn north onto the Paria Main Road and follow it for about 10 kilometres. Bloody Bay will be on your right. You can find driving directions here.

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Turtle Beach

As the name suggests, this protected bay near Buccoo is a nesting ground for leatherback turtles, a sight to behold during the hatching season (March-July). The beach itself is a vision of golden sand and calm turquoise waters, perfect for swimming and soaking up the Caribbean sun.

Turtle Beach is located in Buccoo, to get there from the Scarborough port, drive north on the Windward Road for about 30 kilometres. Turtle Beach will be on your left. You can find driving directions here.

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Englishman’s Bay

Located in Charlotteville, Englishman’s Bay is a favourite among locals and in-the-know travellers. Its sheltered cove boasts calm waters ideal for swimming and stand-up paddle boarding, while the lush backdrop of the rainforest adds a touch of emerald magic.

Pirates Bay

A rugged gem on the north coast, Pirates Bay is a place for the adventurous soul. Reachable by a short hike through the rainforest, it rewards with dramatic cliffs, secluded coves, and crashing waves perfect for experienced surfers.

Pirates Bay is a bit more difficult to get to, as it is located on the remote north coast of Tobago. To get there from the port, drive north on the Windward Road for about 50 kilometres. Then, turn east onto the Parlatuvier Road and follow it for about 10 kilometres. Pirates Bay will be on your left. You can find driving directions here.

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Little Englishman’s Bay

A smaller, more intimate version of its namesake, Little Englishman’s Bay is a hidden gem near Charlotteville. Its calm waters and soft sand make it perfect for families and those seeking a serene escape.

Little Englishman’s Bay is located in Charlotteville. To get there from the port, drive north on Windward Road for about 40 kilometres. Englishman’s Bay will be on your right. Little Englishman’s Bay will be on your left, just past Englishman’s Bay. You can find driving directions here.

Castara Bay

A vibrant fishing village on the north coast, Castara Bay offers a taste of authentic Tobago life. Its sheltered cove boasts calm waters ideal for swimming and snorkelling, while the village itself bustles with local charm and fresh seafood.

Castara Bay is located on the north coast of Tobago. To get there from the port, drive north on Windward Road for about 30 kilometres. Castara Bay will be on your right. You can find driving directions here.


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Bacoba Bay

Another gem near Speyside, Bacoba Bay is a paradise for nature lovers. Its secluded beach, accessible by a short walk through the rainforest, is a haven for birdwatching and soaking up the untouched beauty of Tobago’s natural splendour.

Bacoba Bay is located near Speyside. To get there from the port, drive north on Windward Road for about 20 kilometres. Then, turn east onto Speyside Road and follow it for about 10 kilometres. Bacoba Bay will be on your left. You can find driving directions here.

King Louis Bay

Located on the remote northeast coast, King Louis Bay is a true escape from the crowds. This untouched stretch of golden sand, backed by lush rainforest, is ideal for those seeking complete solitude and communion with nature.

King Louis Bay is located on the remote northeast coast of Tobago. To get there from the port drive north on the Windward Road for about 50 kilometres. Then, turn east onto Parlatuvier Road and follow it for about 20 kilometres. King Louis Bay will be on your left. You can find driving directions here.

Remember, these Tobago secret beaches are just a few of the many hidden gems that Tobago has to offer. So, ditch the guidebooks, follow the whispers of the locals, and discover your secret slice of paradise on this magical Caribbean-island.

Tips for finding the cheapest flights to Tobago:

Be flexible:

  • Travel dates: Consider flying on weekdays (Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday) as they’re often cheaper than weekends. Be flexible with your travel dates by checking prices for a few days before and after your preferred dates.
  • Departure airport: Check prices from different airports near your location. Sometimes, flying from a smaller airport can be significantly cheaper than a major hub.
  • Arrival airport: You can access Tobago via one of 2 International airports ANR Robinson International Airport (SCAR) in Scarborough, Tobago and the Piarco International Airport on the sister island of Trinidad (you would then take a connecting flight to Tobago). Check prices for both airports and choose the cheapest option.
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  • Consider off-season: The peak season in Tobago is December-April and July-August. Flying during the shoulder seasons (May-June and September-November) can offer significant savings.
  • Weekdays vs weekends: Flying on weekdays can be cheaper than at weekends, especially on low-cost carriers.
  • Red-eye flights: Overnight flights are often cheaper than daytime flights. Consider adjusting your sleep schedule if you find a good deal on a red-eye flight.

Use flight comparison websites and apps:

  • Compare prices on multiple websites like Google Flights, Kayak, Skyscanner, Momondo, and Hopper. These websites aggregate fares from various airlines and booking agents, making it easy to find the best deal.
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Follow airlines and travel agencies:

  • Follow airlines and travel agencies on social media and subscribe to their email newsletters to receive updates on deals and promotions.
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Other tips:

  • Consider budget airlines: Low-cost carriers like Spirit and Frontier often offer cheaper fares, but check for baggage fees and other restrictions before booking.
  • Pack light: Avoiding checked luggage fees can save you money.
  • Consider alternative airports: If Tobago is not your final destination, consider flying to a nearby airport like Piarco International Airport (POS) in Trinidad and then taking a ferry or domestic flight to Tobago.


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