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Caribbean flavours on the Greens!

By Nerissa Hosein. As a child growing up one of my best memories is going around the Queen’s Park Savannah with my parents and my grandparents. Almost every Saturday evening after my grandfather came home from work he would take us all for boiled corn and pholourie on the Greens. Sometimes we’d be lucky enough if the Coney Island was in Port of Spain also and we’d get to go on the Ferris wheel or the scrambler. It was so much fun!

Nowadays, the Coney Island is no more, the National Academy for the Performing Arts building has taken the spot where the Ferris wheel once rested. But I can still go to the Greens and get my boiled corn and pholourie. At least some things never change.

The Greens a Trini Food Haven

Although we don’t go every weekend, I go as often as I can because I still love the vibe there. The vendors are no longer scattered around the Queen’s Park Savannah but now placed in one part which makes it a lot more convenient this is the area known as the Greens. It’s a Trini Food Haven. No longer only boiled corn and pholourie, you can now get all the Caribbean classics like jerk food, bake and shark, hot sada roti, gyros, BBQ and many other local flavours.

Drive down any Saturday or Sunday afternoon after 6.00 and the place is packed with people. They come for the food, to enjoy the fresh air, to let their kids run around the grass, or ride their bikes and skateboards, while some adults just grab a pull-out chair and enjoy the night’s activities.

The flavours are still all there. If you’re lucky you can even catch the sno-cone vendor out. It reminds me so much of long time days. I still love my pholourie the best. My kids love the ice cream and they love being able to run around and kick their ball. I admit I love the ice cream too because you can surely go and get the old time flavours like peanut and Guinness.

It’s one of the few places in Trinidad that has stayed relatively safe and convenient for all types of people to go and have fun.

April 2016 – Issue 21

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