Potato sack race at Palmiste Park.

A walk through Palmiste Park

By Felesha Parboo. Palmiste Park, a beauty beyond words. Situated on the edge of San Fernando and 40 acres long, it is a sight to see. It provides an ideal setting for outdoor recreation such as jogging, picnics, walking through the gardens, nature trails and fields, a heart shaped pond and it has exceptional parking facilities along the roadway.

Palmiste Park is known as the second Botanical Garden which is situated in North Trinidad because of its physical characteristics. There are many ways to get to Palmiste Park which included but not limited to going along the Sir Solomon Hochoy Highway into Debe and then heading towards Duncan Village. This road passes directly around the park so it should be simple to find but if you so happen to get lost, southerners are friendly people and won’t mind giving you directions to the park. It is a park that is worth the drive and very much worth exploring.

Events held at Palmiste Park

There are a million and one things that you can do, and photographs tend to turn out pretty amazing as a result of the environment. On a Sunday, most families come out in the bunches to sit and relax under a tree with their Sunday lunches. The trees throughout the park provide exceptional shade for relaxation.

Also throughout the year, different events are held at Palmiste Park such as RamLeela – a dramatic folk reenactment of the life of Rama, Yoga, Phagwa, churches’ sports days, Christmas village with lots of decorations, and even weddings.

Valentine’s Day at Palmiste Park

My husband and I decided to go to Palmiste Park on Valentine’s Day, it was around 6.00 in the afternoon, but it had a lot of people. Some were playing games like catch or volleyball, some jogging and others just sitting around relaxing. We stayed for about three hours and left there at 9.00 but throughout our stay I felt safe because a police car passed about six times to make sure everything was alright. I saw many children playing on the swings and slides that were available and they were so full of energy, I got exhausted watching them.

At night time, we took a walk towards the main road and to my delight there was food to be purchased everywhere. There were oysters, coconuts, gyros, burgers and even pholourie. I enjoyed my afternoon spent at Palmiste Park and I would definitely return again. You should visit it for a relaxing day away from home.

June 2016 – Issue 22

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