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Mount St Benedict – come and rest

By Omilla Mungroo. Like an eagle watching over its brood, with watchful eyes and nurturing silence, the Abbey at Mount St Benedict sits with its historical buildings surrounding it, as if beckoning to the people, “Come away and rest for a while.”

Organisations surrounding Mt St Benedict

Founded in 1912 by a group of monks from Brazil, this community quickly developed in five years to include a boarding school for boys, a rehabilitation centre, a seminary, the Retreat House, and the Pax Abbey Guest House with the Abbey at the heart of it all.

Today there is also the Pax Abbey Shop with a cafeteria section at Mount St Benedict. The bookshop itself is the only fully Catholic shop in the entire Tunapuna area too.

Serene look-out at Mt St Benedict

The look-out at Mount St Benedict attracts many to its spectacular views. The beauty that surrounds the place is breathless! People of all religious backgrounds visit the mount; some for counselling, some for pleasure, or to appreciate its peaceful beauty.

However, when I arrive, I go specifically to the look-out. Each time its serenity overwhelms with an irresistible urge to praise The Most High God. How can one take in all the majestic beauty around and not want to connect with its Creator?

Tourists visit Mount St Benedict

Mount St Benedict is also a perfect place for students who need absolute quiet for study, apart from the Tunapuna Public Library, that is.

The mount is also visited by tourists, who take with them an endless supply of pictures to share with friends and family when they get home.

For anyone with an eye for beauty, and a utopian heart, take a trip to Mount St Benedict and see what miracle awaits you there.

“How can you say to my soul, flee as a bird to your mountain?” Psalm 11:1

August 2015 – Issue 17

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