Ministry of Tourism Vacancies December 2021

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      Ministry of Tourism Vacancies, Ministry of Tourism Vacancies, Ministry of Tourism Vacancies, Ministry of Tourism Vacancies, Ministry of Tourism Vacancies

      Applications are invited by suitably qualified nationals of Trinidad and Tobago for the following vacancies at the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and the Arts Trinidad & Tobago:

      Ministry of Tourism Vacancies #1

      Database Specialist


      REPORTS TO:      

      Senior Database Specialist or Senior Information Systems Specialist or designated The Incumbent Is required to provide general database management, maintenance and support services for the database systems of the Ministry/Department. Duties Include: assisting with the monitoring and management of the security, Integrity and availability of the databases of the Ministry/Department; supportln1 the design and development of databases; and maintaining and enhancing the database solutions of the Ministry/Department; and supervising Technical and support Staff as required.

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      SUPERVISION GIVEN TO:    Technical and Support Staff


      • Designs, develops,  tests, corrects, documents and maintains database management systems using agreed standards, methods and tools.
      • Applies and maintains  specified security  controls as required to maintain confidentially, integrity  and
      • availability of the  database  management systems of the  Ministry/Department; and  investigates and remedies related security incidents according to defined procedures.
      • Applies appropriate analytical techniques to the databases of the Ministry/Department ta support the
      • reporting and operational Information needs of all users.
      • Keeps abreast of database concepts, object and data modelling techniques and design  principles, and database architectures.
      • Installs and commissions selected database products.
      • Assists with the development and Implementation of database management systems, including the Identification and mitigation of project risk. and the monitoring projects.
      • Assists  with the development  of software tests and with the execution  of the system and acceptance
      • testing of new or modified database  management  systems, particularly for those  areas of technical                     specialisation.
      • Carries out routine configuration, installation and reconfiguration of database management systems and products, and agreed database maintenance and administration tasks.
      • Undertakes  specific areas of  database  release  and  deployment activities  and  documents technical
      • activities.
      • Keeps abreast of developments In technical specialisations In the database operations and management areas; and utilises this knowledge In performing Job duties.
      • Performs other related duties as assigned



      • Knowledge of database development and maintenance methodologies
      • Knowledge of project management tools and technique
      • Some knowledge of the principle, tools and techniques required for the management and control of ICT within an organisation.


      • Ability to supervise technical and support staff.
      • Ability to think creatively and to Implement database 50lutlons.
      • Ability to communicate effectively both orally and In writing.
      • Ability to operate as part of a team.
      • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with colleagues.
      • Ability to Interact positively with members of the public and external stakeholder.


      • Minimum  of three  (3) years” experience In  the area of ICT, including at least eighteen (18)  months’ experience In the design. operation and maintenance of database management systems.
      • Training  as evidenced by the possession of a recognised Bachelor’s  Degree In Computer Science, Computer Information Systems, Information Systems Management, Computer Engineering or a related area.
      • Relevant certification In database management such as the IBM Certified Database Associate, Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Associate etc.

      Ministry of Tourism Vacancies #2

      Senior Corporate Communications Officer



      The incumbent is required  to  play a key role  in the  implementation  of the  Ministry’s/Department’s  corporate communications strategy   and programmes.  Duties include assisting in the  development,  implementation  and evaluation of these strategies  and programmes; taking the lead on corporate media campaigns, public relations and other communications activities to  generate consistent publicity results with  clear targets  and priorities and supervising lower-level  staff  engaged in related  work.  Depending on  work  assignment, the  incumbent will  be required to perform duties in one or more of the Communications functional areas.

      REPORTS TO:  

      Manager – Corporate Communications


      Corporate Communications Officer and support staff

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      Strategy  and Measurement

      • Takes the lead in strategy and programme development for diverse and highly complex communications campaigns, both internal and external, of special significance to the Ministry’s/Department’s  work, anticipating critical communications/public relations issues; contributes to the formulation  of public positions on critical issues related to the work of Ministry/Department.
      • Develops the Ministry’s/Department’s communication policy and strategy in collaboration with the Ministry’s/Department’s executive team and other relevant senior management members and executes same.
      • Coordinates the budgeting, planning, direction, coordination, implementation and evaluation of major events and programmes in the Ministry/Department and ensures successful execution.
      • Liaises and interacts with personnel of the Ministry/Department to ensure that communications policy considerations are adequately integrated  into the Ministry’s/Department’s operations.
      • Identifies stakeholders’ needs and reviews relevant engagement strategies as submitted by staff supervised.
      • Directs the research, information gathering, editing and writing of communications briefs, proposals, and other documents.
      • Collaborates with others to develop internal and external communications goals for the purpose of identifying audiences for marketing efforts and ensuring Ministry/Department-wide objectives are achieved in the most efficient  and timely manner.

      Product and Events

      • Promotes a positive image of the Ministry/Department (e.g. communications with district staff, the public and media, including press conferences, newsworthy events, story ideas, district benefits and programs, etc.) for the purpose of creating cooperative working relationships.
      • Prepares an annual and quarterly programme of public relation activities including but not limited to, lectures, talks, conferences, exhibitions.
      • Promotes the development of information and activities such as health and wellness, safety  awareness and other cultural and workplace enhancing projects.
      • Negotiates for space contracts and books event spaces, arranges food and beverages, orders supplies and audiovisual equipment, makes travel arrangements, orders event signs and ensures appropriate decor (florals, linens, color schemes, etc.) to meet the quality expectations of the Ministry/Department.
      • Supervises, directs and coordinates the activities of personnel, subcontractors and vendors, as required, to successfully execute all aspects of the event on the scheduled delivery day.
      • Provides post-event analysis, budget recaps and participant feedback and incorporates learning into future  plans.
      • Researches trends (e.g. policies/procedures; economic/cultural issues; computer/software and facilities technologies;  layout/design of publications, etc.) for the purpose of obtaining knowledge on current issues and advancement practices.

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      Media and Advertising

      • Provides advice to relevant stakeholders on media-related issues, including but not limited to preparing talking points and media coaching.
      • Identifies media engagement opportunities and provides media coaching to staff that may interact with the press.
      • Leads a team that prepares briefs,  media releases, advertisements, presentations and drafts or reviews speeches to be delivered by the Minister and other senior personnel of the Ministry/Department.
      • Leads and coordinates the production of all print and audio-visual communications materials, including, but not limited to newsletters, press releases, advertising and speeches.
      • Designs sketches of electronic and printed media products such as websites, publications, newsletters, booklets, directories, calendars, brochures, posters, and presentations for the purpose of communicating and promoting a positive Ministry/Department image.
      • Writes and/or  oversees the preparation,  production and dissemination of both  routine and complex outreach products such as, brochures, briefs, press kits, news releases, op-eds/articles, radio/TV broadcasts, PowerPoint presentations, brochures, Q&As, websites and speeches that  promote  the strategic and timely flow  of information  and key messages about the Ministry/Department, its policies and operations to key internal and external audiences.
      • Analyses current events, public comments and press opinions with a view to risk management; advises the Ministry’s/Department’s executive team and staff and clients on trends, news developments, or changing/unexpected circumstances and recommends appropriate strategic  responses.
      • Participates in, plans, coordinates and organises public consultations, conferences, media monitoring, media tours and events, public opinion research activities, public image enhancement programmes, seminars, workshops and similar special events.

      Stakeholder Engagement

      • Supervises and provides advice and guidance to staff engaged in the performance of protocol duties for the Ministry/Department in accordance with established standards to ensure appropriate etiquette  is used in interactions with individuals such as dignitaries and officials.
      • Liaises and interacts with personnel of the Ministry/Department to ensure that communications policy considerations are adequately integrated into its operations.
      • Responds to inquiries from internal and external parties for the purpose of providing information  and/or direction.
      • Initiates and sustains professional relationships with key internal and/or external constituencies including the media, civil society, academia, businesses and governments.
      • Directs the updating of a database/directory  of stakeholders’ contact information,  profiles and services.
      • Communicates with stakeholders for the purpose of informing and/or presenting information through various mediums such as manual and electronic presentations, printed publications, e-mails, web pages, video, biogs and TV spots in compliance with the Ministry’s/Department’s vision, goals, and objectives.
      • Performs other  related  duties as required.

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      • Considerable  knowledge of current theories and practices in communications research, planning and strategy  and the role of mass media;
      • Considerable knowledge of media issues, social marketing theory and practice, communications strategies and implementation and behavioural sciences.
      • Considerable knowledge of marketing, public relations, advertising, promotion and other communications methods.
      • Considerable knowledge of modern techniques of news gathering and events management.
      • Considerable  knowledge of new web and social media such as Facebook and Twitter.
      • Knowledge of protocol  procedures .
      • Knowledge of the Constitution of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago .
      • Knowledge of the organisational structure of the Government of Trinidad and Tobago.
      • Knowledge of Public Administration.


      • Proficiency in the use of Microsoft Office Suite, of advanced web design and communications technologies such as web applications, advanced web design, design/illustration software  and/or  databases.
      • Skill in the use of personal computers .
      • Skill in conducting research and in conceptual and analytical thinking .
      • Skill in writing  and editing, including a strong command of English .
      • Ability  to use e-Government technology platforms .
      • Ability to use the internet for research purposes .
      • Ability to convey complex ideas in an engaging manner with clarity, diplomacy and precision.
      • Ability to identify communications-related risks and opportunities and to provide timely feedback and advice to management.
      • Ability to think strategically and to analyze and integrate diverse information from  varied sources into conclusions and recommendations.
      • Ability to plan and organize, including managing the organization of high level meetings and events.
      • Ability to plan and organize programmes/projects, high-level meetings and events, and supervise vendors and lower-level staff.
      • Ability to work effectively under stress, to prioritize,  multi- task within tight deadlines and respond to changing demands.
      • Ability to work independently or in a team .
      • Ability to establish and maintain effective  working  relationships with  internal/external partners.

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      • Minimum five (5) years’ experience in the field of Corporate Communications or Public Relations or Media Relations and Advertising.
      • Training as evidenced by a recognised University Degree in Communications Studies or a post graduate Diploma in a related field.

      Ministry of Tourism Vacancies #3

      Administrative Director


      Administrative Director is responsible for managing the human and financial resource of the

      Performing Companies in order to achieve the company’s mission. To that end, the Administrative Director is responsible and accountable for all aspects of the organization, and implementing the policies set by the executive. The Administrative Director will serve as the Chief Operating Officer of the Orchestral Associating and reports to the Executive through the Director of Culture.

      REPORTS TO: Director of Culture

      GIVEN TO:

      Financial Manager, Operations Manager, Personnel Manager, Musicians

           Assist and participate in the development and implementation of a master plan for the

      Performing Companies that supports the artistic, financial, and public relations objectives of the Organization.

           Develop and implement current and long-range administrative and personnel planning to ensure that the organization is effectively structured and staffed competently.


      Direct-Service Volunteers

           Use direct-service volunteer resources effectively to assist the Performing Companies in meeting its goals and to make the experience meaningful for the Performing Companies’


           Assist direct-service volunteers as necessary to help ensure the success of their activities.


      Fund Raising and Development/External Relations

          Ensuring effective communication with the Performing Companies: volunteer groups, other arts organizations, public agencies, government agencies, and the general public to achieve

      the public service objectives of the Performing Companies.

          Assist fund-raising activities, including annual fund drive, corporate sponsorships, special events, endowment campaigns, planned giving program, and identification and cultivation of donors.

          Prepare  and  submit  grant  applications  and  reports  to  foundations,  corporations,  and government agencies.

          Ensure that all contributions and other support are acknowledged as may be required by law and as is otherwise appropriate; maintain accurate and complete records of financial contributions and other substantial support.


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              Direct advocacy activities at local and state level. Monitor legislative activity that effects the Performing Companies and recommend appropriate action to the Executive.

      Artistic Administration

           Assist in the development, implementation, and monitoring of orchestra’s artistic objectives.

         Consult with the Artistic Director in the selection of guest artists, guest conductors, performing groups, and programs to support the orchestra’s artistic objectives.

           Negotiate contracts for all guest artists within budget parameters set by the Executive arrange for their transportation, lodging, and entertainment.

      Concert Production

           Develop an annual master plan for orchestra operations, including rehearsal schedules, local and run-out concerts, programme themes and ideas, special events, broadcasts, and audience development. Direct implementation of the master plan.

           In  consultation  with  the  Artistic  Director,  seek  and  obtain  new  opportunities  for performances by the orchestra and its ensembles.

           Negotiate and execute concert hall leases and rent other concert space as required.

           Secure required equipment, instruments, licenses, and permits.

           Arrange for transportation and accommodations for musicians and equipment for local and run-out performances and broadcasts.

           Ensure that rehearsals and concerts are properly staffed.

           Attend rehearsals and concerts.

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      Marketing and Promotion

         Together with the Marketing and Public Relations Officer, develop and implement a marketing  plan  for  subscription  campaigns  and  for  individual  performances,  using

      appropriate advertising and publicity to achieve maximum season and single ticket sales:

      oversee ticket sales operations.

           Maintain relationship with media contracts; generate feature stories in print and broadcast media about the orchestra.


      Together with the Financial Manager:

           Ensure that accurate books of accounts are maintained; maintain bank accounts as directed by the board.

        Prepare and submit for approval annual operating budgets. Monitor and authorize expenditures in accordance with approved budget; prepare updated projections based on actual income and expense activity.

           Prepare monthly financial statements, including cash flow projections, for Board review and approval. Review and approve accounts payable and receivable.

           Ensure that grants are spent in accordance with grant guidelines and that all reporting requirements are met.

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          Maintain  the business  office  of the  organization.  Purchase  equipment,  supplies,  etc., according to budget and approved procedures.

              Handle correspondence, including patron suggestions and complaints.

              Maintain documents according to legal requirements and/or Board policies and procedures.

              Maintain adequate insurance to protect the orchestra’s assets/property.

          Recruit, select, and supervise administrative staff. Promote, discipline, and terminate in accordance with legal requirements and Board policy. Evaluate staff performance as needed but at least annually in writing. Maintain personnel files.

              Develop, implement, and monitor compensation and benefits programmes.

          Ensure that all employer responsibilities are met and the organization is in compliance with the laws

              Prepare and revise job descriptions, employee handbook and employment policies.

              Maintain all payroll records for administrative and artistic staff.



            Assist Music Director in hiring of all musicians; negotiate and execute individual contracts according to approved budget and policies set by the Executive.

            Serve as principal staff spokesperson/liaison to the orchestra for policy issues and non- artistic matters.

                 Coordinate all aspects of auditions.



            Together with the Artistic Director and Education Director, recommend to the Executive appropriate education initiatives and help implement them. Serve as liaison to public

      schools in planning of in-school programs.



                 Keep abreast of activities and developments in the orchestra field; advise the Executive

      matters that may be helpful to promote the orchestra’s objectives.



          Strong problem solving, decision-making and customer service skills required.

          Understanding  of  accounting  systems  and  processes  and  good interpersonal skills.

              Ability to plan and implement work schedules.

              Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

              Ability to work as a team leader.

          Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with other employees and the public.

          Ability  to  identify  inefficiencies,  areas  for  improvement  and  to formulate action plans and implement changes.

               Ability to lead several departments.

              Bachelor’s  degree  from  a  recognized  University  in  Public  Administration,  Business Administration or related field.

          Post-graduate   qualifications   in   performing   arts   administration,   communications, programme management, project management or a related field.

          5 or more years’ experience in financial management and budget control particularly in the public sector.

              5 years’ experience in administration including three years in supervisory capacity.

              Proven experience managing large teams.

           Considerable experience of preparation and monitoring of budgets and of production and considerably presentation of financial reports.

              Considerable experience of developing and implementing strategic/business plans.

               Considerable experience of administration in a fast-paced, creative environment.

      Ministry of Tourism Vacancies #4

      Financial Manager


      CULTURE DIVISION                                                                                                                                      

      Levels 8, 9 & 10, Tower C, International Waterfront Complex

      1A Wrightson Road, Port of Spain

      Phone: 624-1403 / Fax: 624-6737


      The Finance Manager is responsible for the business and financial operations of the organization,

      including financial planning, control, and reporting. The Finance Manager is also responsible for the preparation of the annual operating budget and long-range plan financial projections, monthly financial statements, banking relations, information systems management, facilities operations, and the administration of payroll, employee benefits, and personnel policies.

      REPORTS TO: Administrative Director

      GIVEN TO:

      Financial Management

          Develop sound financial and administrative policies and procedures and internal controls for accounting, auditing, budgeting, purchasing, inventories, payroll and administrative services

      functions. Implement and monitor policies, procedures, and internal controls to ensure accuracy and efficiency.

          Direct activities relating to the management and control of cash flow, banking relations, and investments.

          Serve as primary contact with the source of funding at the Ministry level or otherwise and managers and ensure proper accounting for all transactions.

          Manage  the  Performing  Companies  daily  administrative  and  financial  activities,  including financial record keeping, production of financial statements, and personnel records.

              Prepare special analyses as required.


      Budgeting and Planning

          Work with the Executive and the Administrative Director in the development of financial objectives for the Performing Companies.

                Direct  the  preparation  of  organizational  operating  budgets  and  forecast  with  staff  and

      Administrative Director for the Executive’s approval.

          Prepare  operating  budgets  and  forecasts  for  all  financial  functions,  monitor  revenues  and expenses against approved budget. Recommend and monitor expense control initiative. Prepare analyses of variances and recommend revision of plan and budget.

          Work closely with Administrative Director and other designated staff in long-range planning for the Performing Companies and prepare budgets for plan.


      Record Keeping

          Direct the timely preparation and maintenance of all accounting records and provide appropriate financial/statistical reports.

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              Maintain the Performing Companies’ revenue and expense records, produce monthly financial

      statements, process accounts payable and accounts receivable, process deposits and maintain annuity records.

          Establish and direct payroll and tax payment systems; direct the preparation and maintenance of all payroll records and reporting, assuring compliance with all legal requirements and organizational objectives.

              Prepare and submit relevant income tax forms, withholding forms, and other forms as required.

              Direct the monitoring and compliance with the terms and conditions of all planned gifts.

          Direct the preparation and maintenance of property, equipment, and instrument inventory records and establish depreciation schedules.

              Ensure compliance with all financial/tax reporting requirements of agencies/ foundations.


      Audit and Income Tax Reporting

                Review audit needs of the Performing Companies.

                Direct preparation for audits.

              Work with the auditor’s findings and recommendations in consultation with Administrative

      Director, taking action as appropriate.

              Develop internal audit procedures to ensure that systems are functioning as planned.



              Direct the establishment of personnel policies for the administrative staff.

          Direct the execution of all benefit programs, including, retirement programs, health insurance, and all other types of institutional insurance, maintaining accurate records and filing all required reports.

          Maintain employee records (both staff and orchestra) showing date of hire, compensation and benefits, leave records, and other pertinent personnel data.

              Prepare and file employer reports to government agencies, insurance companies, union, etc.

              Carry out organizational and personnel surveys as needed.



              Prepare and review all contracts for guest artists, major contracted services, and staff employment

      offers, for Administrative Director’s signature.

              Develop purchasing policies and procedures and direct/monitor their implementation.

          Direct data processing function, including preparation of DP plan, software and hardware requirements, development of appropriate controls, and new systems installations.

              Train, manage and evaluate all finance/administrative staff.

          Serve as part of the senior management team to assist the Administrative Director in setting and implementing administrative and artistic policies established by the Executive.

              Perform other duties as assigned by the Administrative Director.

      KNOWLEDGE:         Considerable knowledge of the principles and techniques of accounting.

              Considerable  knowledge  of  the  Exchequer  and  Audit  Ordinance  and

      Government Financial Regulations and Instructions.

          Considerable knowledge of accounting systems, methods and procedures and of Government Financial Administration.

              Knowledge of electronic data processing techniques and applications.

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              Ability to plan, organize and direct effectively a large group of employees

      engaged in varied accounting operations.

              Ability to design, review and maintain accounting systems and procedures.

              Ability to draw up training programmes for staff.

              Ability to prepare, collate and analyse complex accounting data.

              Ability to express ideas clearly and concisely both orally and in writing.

          Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with staff and the general public.

              Professional accounting qualification such as ACCA, CIMA, CMA or first Degree in Accounting

      or any related field.

              At least five (5) years’ experience at a senior level in the field of Accounting and/or Finance.

              At least Four (4) years’ experience in accounting, in a public sector environment.

      Ministry of Tourism Vacancies #5

      Public Relations and Marketing Manager

                                                                        CULTURE DIVISION                                                      

      The Public Relations/Marketing Manager is responsible for developing, coordinating and

      implementing the marketing and communication plans of the Performing Company to meet Orchestra’s fund raising and publicity goals. He/she works closely with the Executives and staff in the area of marketing, sales and promotions for the Performing Company. He/she  also plans and implements strategies for development and campaign leadership to leverage relationships, secures sponsorships and major gifts, and coordinates special projects in order to accomplish funding goals.  He/she executes strategies to expand the Performing Company’s reach and appeal, and develop new and existing audiences.

      REPORTS TO: Administrative Director
              Develop and implement marketing and communication plans.

           Plan and facilitate fund-raising activities, programmes, events, campaigns, sales and promotions.

           Research,  cultivate,  solicit  and  recommend  new  sources  of  revenue  and  income generating opportunities.

              Develop and implement new strategies to secure corporate support.

           Research, coordinate and monitor processes for the application and administration of grant-related activities.

           Undertake  solicitation  and  acknowledgement  of  endowment  and  planned-giving opportunities including compilation of comprehensive records on donors and sponsors, monitoring the fulfilment of donor and sponsor benefits and recognition.

              Maintain stakeholder and community relations including media relations.

           Manage internal and external marketing communication with internal and external stakeholders, including the feature stories, websites, newsletters, direct mailing, and news releases.

              Conceptualise, develop and distribute advertising and publicity material.

              Any other related duties.

              Advanced verbal and written communication skills.

               Advanced social skills.

               Advanced organizational skills.


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               Intermediate computer skills.

               Detailed knowledge of marketing and communications.

               Detailed knowledge of the media mix.

          General knowledge of the arts, in particular, trends and strategies specific to the performing arts and event promotion.

               General knowledge of orchestral/symphonic music and artists.

               General knowledge of a range of relevant computer technologies and applications.


              Bachelor of Science in the Social Sciences

              Post-graduate training in Marketing

              Considerable experience in marketing and sales including public and media relations.

          Considerable experience in developing and implementing creative and innovative commercially-focused campaigns that capture the public’s imagination.

              Experience in marketing and promotion of live entertainment

          Experience in developing marketing segmentation models and tailoring targeted campaigns.

      Ministry of Tourism Vacancies #6

      Cultural Programme Co-ordinator

                                                                 CULTURE DIVISION      

      JOB DESCRIPTION (CONTRACT)                                                    

      Coordinate/implement the activities associated with the project/programmes of the Ministry,

      visiting work sites, negotiating with community and other organizations in relation to the project objectives, sensitizing stakeholders as to the existence of the project and other related duties.

              Assists in the implementation of programmes for the Division of Culture.

              Assists in the implementation of the strategic plan in the Division.

              Designs cultural programmes for the community.

           Promotes and implements cultural programmes and secures community participation in the process.

           Arranges and facilitates technical training programmes, lectures, demonstrations and exhibitions for interested parties in the community.

               Any other services as directed by the Permanent Secretary or Director of Culture.

              Proficiency in an artistic discipline or a related flied e.g. Event Management.

              Arts management.

              Ability to work in terms.

              Excellent written and oral skills.

              Computer literate.

              Ability to administrate community based projects/programs.

               Negotiate with community and national organizations on behalf of SPICU

           Training as evidenced by a degree/diploma in the Arts or related filed experience in execution of community or other project is essential; training in project management is

      a definite asset. Must be Computer Literate.


      Ministry of Tourism Vacancies #7

      Network Specialist

      Government of Trinidad and Tobago




      The Incumbent is required to provide technical services In the management, operations and maintenance of the computer  network  hardware and software, Intranet, Internet, portal, communications, LANs, WANs and related connectivity Infrastructure of the Ministry/Department. Duties Include: operating and maintaining network and connectivity components:  monitoring  network  security; resolving network problems and service Incidents; and supervision of technical and support staff as required.

      REPORTS TO:         

      Senior Network Specialist. Senior IT Specialist or designated officer


      Technical and Support Staff


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      • Identifies and resolves network problems in accordance with agreed procedures and assists with monitoring and reporting on performance, using network management software and tools.
      • Installs,  tests,   corrects,   commissions/decommissions networking and connectivity infrastructure In
      • accordance with defined procedures and instructions.  and maintains accurate service and support records.
      • Investigates  minor security  breathes  with  networks and  connectivity infrastructure In accordance  with
      • established procedures,  takes necessary corrective action, updates  and maintains relevant security records
      • and documentation.
      • Applies and maintains specific security controls to the network and connectivity Infrastructure,  as defined by
      • the policy and standards of the Ministry/Department, to enhance resl11ence to unauthorised access.
      • Monitors service level delivery metrics to ensure that service level agreements  for the networks and related
      • Infrastructure are not breached.
      • carr1es  out a1reed  operational  procedures and maintenance  and  Installation work on the  network  and
      • connectivity Infrastructure of the Ministry/Department.
      • Participates In the investigations and resolution of problems with networking Infrastructure and services, and
      • assists with the Implementation of preventative measures ta address future Issues.
      • Receives and responds to service desk and Incident  management requests for network and connectivity
      • Infrastructure support In accordance with 111reed procedures. and maintains relevant records.
      • Delivers learning activities, such u training, to a variety of audiences In areas of technical specialisation and
      • for assigned projects.
      • Participates as a member of a project team In the man111ement of defined networking and connectivity projects of the Ministry/Department by undertaking activities such as Identifying and mitigating project risk, ensures quality In project delivery and managing assigned resources.
      • Keeps  abreast of developments  In computer networking  and communications Infrastructure,  provides advice regarding their application, and utilises this knowledge In perfarming Job duties.
      • Performs other related duties as assigned•

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      Knowledge of defined components of networking and connectivity Infrastructure.


      Knowledge of project management tools and techniques.


      Ministry of Tourism Vacancies #8

      Senior Researcher

      CULTURE DIVISION                                                                                                                    

      The Senior Researcher is the resident expert on referential and contextual information

      concerning plays and other theatrical works and assists in background research for the National Theatre Arts Company.  He/she conceptualizes, leads and oversees the research programme and research activities of the Company.  H/she gathers and documents information on the themes, language, history, and criticism of plays.

      REPORTS TO: Company Manager

      GIVEN TO:

      Research Assistant
              Develop, implement, coordinate, monitor and report on unit’s research plans.

           Gather information on specifics such as the political, economic and social climate of the period for plays.

           Collect,  collate  and  supply  reference  material  for  period  including  clothing  and architectural style.

              Interpret the contextual meaning of colloquial language.

           Identify and source existing and new material for development, presentation and/or preservation.

           Review submissions of new plays and to help select shows to be performed as part of a cohesive production season.

              Make suggestions for editing and rewrites.

              Act as a liaison between the writer and director.

              Interpret playwright’s intended voice.

              Advanced research skills.

              Advanced analytical skills.

              Intermediate supervisory skill.

              Detailed knowledge of research tools and procedures.

           Detailed knowledge of theatre methods, theatre style, staging conventions and cultural history.

           Working knowledge of theory and practice of contemporary performance and productions.


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              Working knowledge of the stage production process.

              Working knowledge of supervisory practices and principles.

          General knowledge of a range of computer applications including word-processing, databases, media and web technologies.


              Master’s degree in literature or theatre arts.

              Training in Dramaturgy is an asset.

              Considerable experience in theatre arts (acting, directing or producing).

              Experience in research for theatre work.

          Affiliation with local and international bodies responsible for literature, authors and playwrights and research and development work in drama and literature.

      Ministry of Tourism Vacancies #9

      Stage Manager

      CULTURE DIVISION                                                                                                                    

      The Stage Manager oversees the rehearsals and performances of the National Theatre Arts

      Company and manages the backstage and onstage areas during in-house and touring performances. He/she assists the director and coordinates technical elements for the smooth running of rehearsals and performances. He/she synchronizes the actors, technical staff, sets and props, costume fittings and scene changes during rehearsals and performances. Additionally, he/she make sure that everyone and everything involved in the production from musicians, technicians, props, lighting, sound, musical instruments and various equipment are in the right place, at the right time.  He/she coordinates the logistics of transportation, shipping and customs.

      REPORTS TO: Operations Manager

      GIVEN TO:

           Collaborate with artistic and technical staff to develop and implement artistic and technical plan for rehearsal and performances.

           Record blocking, light, sound, prop, set and costume changes, cues and entrances of performers for the technical and artistic operations of the production.

           Advice on movements on stage, script changes and props, light, sound and scenery needs.

              Cue artistic and technical staff during rehearsals and performances and communicate

      director’s wishes.

           Direct changes to the set between scene changes, prompting actors, coordinating stage crew and cueing technicians.

           Schedule, arrange and call production meetings, rehearsals, fittings, performances and publicity events to artistic and technical staff.

              Keep an up-to-date production calendar for rehearsals and performances.

              Reserve, manage and maintain rehearsal and performance spaces.

              Plan, procure, manage and tracks props, furniture and set dressings.

              Oversees stage and equipment crews.

           Liaise with artistic staff including the director, staff at performance venues, stage personnel and other technical staff.

           Reviews emergency procedures and enforces rules and regulations designed to prevent security problems or safety hazards.


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              Responsible for the maintenance and security of all stage equipment.

              Ensure that hazard markers are prepared and electrical cords etc. are properly secured.

              Prepare a schedule for those pieces of equipment that are reused (e.g. a PA system)

              Review budget and equipment needs with Operations Manager.

              Develop proposed equipment needs list based on current inventory.

          Ensure that all equipment are properly packaged and stored after a rehearsal/event inclusive of musical instruments.

          Liaise  with  front-of-house  staff  and  artistic  staff  including  the  director,  staff  at performance venues, stage personnel and other technical departments.

              Cueing the technical crew to operate sound lighting.

              Keeping the ‘prompt copy’ of the script which notes the performers’ positions on stage,

      script changes as well as the props, lighting, and sound needed for each scene.

          Supervises equipment construction and dismantling; clean up, removal and shipment of stage elements provided for each event.

              Monitor lighting, speakers, microphones and other equipment.

              Perform stage equipment testing before each performance.


              Intermediate skills in theatre and stagecraft.

              Intermediate supervisory skills.

              Working knowledge of technical and artistic elements of performances.

              Working knowledge of current stage practice.’

              Working knowledge of technical theatre systems including lighting and sound systems.

              General knowledge of supervisory practices and principles.

          General knowledge of a range of computer applications including word-processing, spreadsheets, media and web technologies.

          General knowledge of relevant health and safety, legislation and good working practice.

          Working knowledge of techniques, methods, procedures of music productions, presentation including stage, set, sound, lighting design and implementation; stage management, computerized lighting systems; stage carpentry and stage equipment.

              Highly developed critical thinking, leadership and time-management skills.

              Sound communication and interpersonal skills.

              Results oriented.

              General knowledge of performing arts.

              General knowledge of stage production process.

          Ability to set priorities, organize workload, handle multiple responsibilities and meet deadlines within a fast paced environment.

              Ability to accept responsibility and account for his/her actions.

              Ability to inspire and work in a team.

              Ability to lift, push and pull objects up to 100 pounds using appropriate tools.

          Ability to work varied days, and hours including early mornings, late nights, weekends, holidays and long hours as required.

              Ability to work under pressure, especially in the run-up to a performance.


          Certificate in Fine Arts with specialization in technical theatre production or a related field.

               Experience in stage management and/or theatre production.

               Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety will be an asset.

      Ministry of Tourism Vacancies #10

      Technical Co-ordinator

      CULTURE DIVISION                                                                                                                                       

      The incumbent is to have the necessary experience of managing the production process from

      inception to staging, taking account of technical practicalities and working closely with key staff to maintain artistic excellence. Excellent organizational, project management and communication skills are paramount combined with a good grounding in technical aspects and willing to develop these areas further. A good all-rounder is required who will be happy to assist with filming and editing of all in-house productions and to work across artistic, academic and outreach areas gaining diverse experience.

      REPORTS TO: Artistic Director
      SUPERVISION GIVEN TO: Technical Assistant
           Identified suitable venues, equipment, and facilities (sound lighting etc.) for rehearsals and productions. This included visiting venues and other sites.

           Reviewed briefs for events and made suggestions and identified considerations for technical requirements and provision suitable rehearsals and for performances.

           Updated technical riders and created briefs for the supply of technical support for rehearsals and performances.

              Identified suitable suppliers of technical services for productions.

              Invited suppliers to tender for the provision of required services.

              Presented comparison of quotations received from vendors.

              Scheduled service providers to rehearsal viewing.

              Scheduled loading and technical installations and rehearsals.

              Managed loading, technical rehearsal, and other production matters.

              Briefed technical support vendors before production week.

              Consulted with technical providers and directors during production week.

              Monitored health and safety of all activities before and leading to performances.

              Provided stage management direction and support.

              Any other related duties.

      ●   A thorough understanding of the production process for live performances

      ●   A qualification and/or strong experience in stage management, technical theatre or similar

      ●   A good working knowledge of theatre lighting, lighting technology and basic electrical safety

      ●   An interest in, preferably backed by experience, of modern theatre sound and digital sound desks

      in relation to live, recorded and play-back techniques

      ●    Good working knowledge of video software such as Final Cut Pro and Audacity Strong, working knowledge of Microsoft office including word and excel

      ●   Highly organised, able to work collaboratively and bring people together in the production process

      ●   Flexible attitude to working hours and patterns (including evenings and weekends) and able to

      manage conflicting priorities and last-minute changes


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      • Willingness and  enthusiasm  to  learn,  develop  and  improve  own  skills  and  standard  of performances
      • A confident communicator with people at all levels and    particularly with non-technical users of theatre space
      • An enthusiasm for working with and advising young people in technical theatre and production
      • Confident in manual-handling/heavy lifting and working at height and able to do so safely
      • Ability to work on own initiative with a proactive attitude to problem solving but also confident in seeking additional support when needed


           Bachelor’s degree or higher in a related field, i.e. technical theatre disciplines etc. Requisite experience can be considered in lieu of formal qualifications.

              Experience working on theatre productions

              Any other related experience

      Ministry of Tourism Vacancies #11

      ICT Support Officer



      The Incumbent Is required to provide operational support functions for the  ICT  Infrastructure  of a Ministry/Department/Division under the  guidance and direction of supervisors. Duties include:  assisting with software  development  and testing   under  supervision: performs  defined  operational  procedures  including documentation on the JCT systems; resolving defined requests for support and routine incidents: and monitoring levels of service provided.


      Information Systems Support Specialist or designated officer


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      • Designs, codes, tests, corrects and documents simple programs and assists with the Implementation and testing of software under the supervision and guidance of professional staff.
      • Supports the  Information  content  and  publication  development  process, including  creating  draft documentation and Illustrations, printing and publishing, and creating sections of technical and operational documentation.
      • Interprets, executes and records test cases In accordance with project test plans and under the supervision of professional staff.
      • Monitors and logs the actual service provided to users against that required by service level agreements•
      • Carries out agreed operational procedures of a outline nature: and contributes to maintenance, installation and problem resolution.
      • Receives and handles requests for support following agreed procedures: and responds to requests for support  by  providing Information to enable lnddent resolution  and  allocates  unresolved  calls  as appropriate: and maintains relevant records.
      • Performs other related duties as assigned

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      • Knowledge of computer operations functions,
      • Some knowledge of the tools and techniques required for the management and control of ICT within an 011anlsatlon.
      • Same knowledge of project management tools and techniques


      • Ability to communicate effectively both orally and In wrltln1•
      • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with colleagues.
      • Ability to operate as part of a team•
      • Ability to Interact with members of the public and external stakeholders.


      • Minimum of three (3) years of relevant technical experience•
      • Training as evidenced by the possession of a recognised Associate Degree or Diploma In Computer Science,

      Computer Information Systems, Information Systems Management, Computer Engineering or a related area.

      Ministry of Tourism Vacancies #12

      Office Support Assistant



      The incumbent will be required to perform  frontline  customer service and/or  office  support duties such as data entry, filing, checking documents, composing routine correspondence, delivering, collecting and distributing mail, operating standard office  equipment and packing, sorting and distributing office supplies.

      REPORTS TO:                        

      Designated Officer



      • Enters, updates and retrieves  simple data using personal computer.
      • Checks documents and forms for accuracy and completeness of information entered .
      • Gathers specific information to be used in report and other documents from  sources such as publications, records, files and other documents.
      • Locates, retrieves  and files materials in accordance with established criteria .
      • Prepares  routine correspondence, forms and reports.
      • Collects, sorts and distributes incoming mail, documents, packages and other materials.
      • Delivers, sorts and stamps outgoing mail and makes appropriate entries in register .
      • Registers mail as directed .
      • Collects, packs, sorts and distributes stationery, office supplies and equipment .
      • Maintains inventory of office  supplies and equipment .
      • Operates equipment such as photocopiers, facsimile machines, scanners and binders and reports the need for repairs where necessary.
      • Assists with the movement of office equipment, supplies, furniture and other items .
      • Greets and directs visitors to appropriate offices/meeting rooms and operates systems for the receipt and routing of calls.
      • Asks questions to determine customers’ needs, reports on and follows  up on queries /issues as directed .
      • Performs any other related work as required .

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      • Some knowledge of basic office procedures and practices.
      • Some knowledge of the Microsoft Office Suite.
      • Some knowledge of filing systems and file maintenance procedures.

      SKILLS AND ABILITIES:            

      • Basic skill in the use of Microsoft  Office Suite .
      • Ability to understand simple oral and written instructions .
      • Ability to speak and write  clearly and effectively .
      • Ability to operate standard office equipment such as photocopiers, computers, scanners and facsimile machines.
      • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with fellow employees and members of the public.
      • Ability to work in teams, use initiative and maintain confidentiality.
      • Ability to prepare routine correspondence and reports.


      • A minimum of (6) months experience performing  office  support duties .
      • Minimum of three (3) CXC/GCE O’Level passes including English Language .

      Ministry of Tourism Vacancies

      Applications are invited by suitably qualified nationals of Trinidad and Tobago for the following vacancies at the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and the Arts:

      Application Deadline: Tuesday 14th December 2021

      More Jobs

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