Energy Sector Jobs in Guyana

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      Energy Sector Jobs in Guyana

      Energy Sector Jobs in Guyana

      Energy Sector Jobs in Guyana


      Buxo Trinidad and Tobago Limited, operating under Snubbing Services prior to 2006, has accumulated a vast array of experience in Project Management, Logistics, Procurement and Staffing – which are only some of the services we provide. BTTL is a worldwide provider of turnkey energy solutions.

      Founded by energy industry professionals with over a combined 50 years of experience, BTTL has the real world knowledge and on-the-ground savvy to ensure your project or enterprise is accomplished in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. Our reach is Global and consequently BTTL counts among its clients some of the industry’s leading companies in the Energy and Power Generation Sector. Our team of seasoned industry professionals is dedicated to providing our clients the very best possible levels of service.

      As the industry moves beyond traditional supply to wind, solar and other renewables, BTTL will continue to offer its clients the care and expertise they have come to expect. We’ll meet your deadline. We will save you time, and above all, we’ll ensure your peace of mind.
      With years of experience providing a myriad of services to the energy and power generating sector, the professional members of staff at BTTL are committed to working with our clients not merely as service providers but true partners – acting as a seamless extension of our clients’ operations.

      Project Management, Logistics, Procurement, Staffing Trinidad, Tobago

      Buxo Trinidad and Tobago Limited offers Project Management, Logistics, Procurement and Staffing services in Trinidad, Tobago. Call our experts for more details

      AMPLIA Vacancy

      Amplia Communications is currently recruiting for an Applications Specialist for its IT Department. AMPLIA Communications Limited previously called Massy Communications is the beginning of a new era. This new company name arises as we can no longer use the old name. AMPLIA Communications Limited markets a unique set of products and services under the bmobile brand.

      Merchandiser Employment Opportunities

      3 CXC passes, including Mathematics and English, 2 years’ experience in merchandising and Full access to a good working vehicle will be an asset. The incumbent will be required to enhance the value of Bryden pi brands by ensuring all goods are properly displayed and merchandised.


      Three (3) O’Levels including English and certification in caring for children, from a recognised institution. Experience in working and caring for children with special education needs will definitely be an asset. Any equivalent combination of experience and training would be accepted.



      Homophones – same sound, different spelling – Study Zone Institute

      The English words ‘hear’, ‘hair’, ‘hare’ and ‘here’ are homophones. These words are similar in sound but are spelled differently and have different meanings. The word ‘hear’ means to receive audio with your ears. ‘Hair’ is the strands that grow out of your skin. ‘Hare’ is a type of rabbit.

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