Ministry of Labour Vacancies Nov 2021

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      Ministry of Labour Vacancies Nov 2021, Ministry of Labour Vacancies Nov 2021, Ministry of Labour Vacancies Nov 2021, Ministry of Labour Vacancies Nov 2021

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      Ministry of Labour Vacancies Nov 2021

      The Ministry of Labour is inviting suitably qualified nationals of Trinidad & Tobago to apply for the following positions at the National Tripartite Advisory Council (NTAC) Secretariat:

      Ministry of Labour Vacancies Nov 2021

      Corporate Communications Officer




      The incumbent is required to contribute to the achievement of the communications targets of the Ministry/Department and assist in monitoring their implementation. Duties include coordinating media relations strategies, producing and disseminating materials for communicating information about the Ministry/Department and its services; coordinating the content of the intranet or external website and the production of a quarterly newsletter; disseminating reports and publications; and maintain an updated database of contacts and an effective communication system within the Ministry/Department. Depending on work assignment, the incumbent will be required to perform duties in one or more of the Communications functional areas.

      REPORTS TO: Senior Corporate Communications Officer/designated officer


      Strategy and Measurement
      Assists in tracking developments in the Ministry/Department’s sector nationally and globally.
      Participates in the design, organisation and implementation of a creative and effective Marketing/Communications Strategy including content management for the Ministry/Department’s website ensuring that it is adequately integrated into the Ministry/Department’s Operations.
      Participates in the preparation and execution of programmes geared towards educating and informing the
      Conducts research and utilizes other data in the analysis and evaluation of information for the preparation
      of policy documents, briefs, working papers and presentations.
      Assists with relevant research including but not limited to the conduct of interviews to determine the success and outreach of Information Programmes and initiates corrective action as appropriate.

      Interprets HR policies and procedures to assist clients with queries and concerns.
      Prepares communications reports, Cabinet/Ministerial Notes, internal notes and other documents.

      Product and Events
      Develops and implements marketing, media placement and distribution strategies for the
      Assists in the production of literature formats such as booklets, posters, brochures for public outreach and
      Assists in the development of information and activities such as health and wellness, safety awareness and other cultural and workplace enhancing projects.
      Performs day-to-day management of the intranet site through the use of a Content Management System,
      including design, content and technical functions, to ensure that it is useful for staff and that content is up – to-date, accurate and consistent with the Brand Identity Guide.

      Develops and manages internal communication activities which involve, engage and inform all employees, utilising appropriate communication tools.
      Prepares, develops, writes and edits content for the intranet, staff newsletter, team briefings, noticeboards and other internal communications channels as well as for project briefs.
      Maintains and regularly updates a detailed calendar of events or Forward Diary for the Ministry/Department.

      Media and Advertising
      Develops a Media Strategy for each announcement, launch or significant media event.
      Organises and manages press, radio and television interviews.
      Writes a variety of communications (e.g. press releases, personal interest stories, newsletters, etc.) for the purpose of keeping the media and public informed of the activities of the Ministry/Department.
      Coordinates the completion, printing, and distribution of corporate collateral to selected media representatives.
      Drafts appropriate responses to adverse publicity.
      Undertakes research on current web and internet technology and trends in marketing and communications for the purpose of keeping current.
      Monitors national, regional and international news to identify evolving trends and opinions which may impact the work of the Ministry/Department. .
      Monitors media scanning databases and redirects any issues to the relevant authorities.
      Provides media summaries and alerts on breaking news.

      Stakeholder Engagement
      Performs protocol duties for the Ministry/Department in accordance with established standards to ensure appropriate etiquette is used in interactions with individuals such as dignitaries and officials.
      Assists in identifying stakeholders’ needs and proposes relevant engagement strategies.
      Develops, manages and controls procedures for all internal and external correspondence.
      Researches and assembles information for members of the public.
      Responds to complaints and organisation issues from members of the public.
      Distributes relevant educational material on the activities of the Ministry/Department.
      Creates and updates a database/directory of stakeholders’ contact information, profiles and services.
      Performs other related duties as required.


      KNOWLEDGE: Knowledge of current theories and practices in communications research, planning and strategy, and the role of mass media.
      Knowledge of media issues, social marketing theory and practice, communications strategies and implementation and behavioural sciences.
      Knowledge of marketing, public relations, advertising, promotion and other communications methods.
      Knowledge of modern techniques of news gathering and release.
      Knowledge of Video Production.
      Some knowledge of the Constitution of The Republic of Trinidad and
      Some knowledge of the organisational structure of the Government of
      Trinidad and Tobago;
      Knowledge of modern techniques of news gathering/event management.
      Knowledge of protocol procedures

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      SKILLS AND ABILITIES: Proficiency in the use of Microsoft Office Suite, HTML, wiki-mark-up, and
      Adobe Photoshop CSS.
      Skill in the use of personal computers.
      Ability to use e-Government technology platforms.

      Ability to use the internet for research purposes.
      Ability to plan and organize, and supervise the work of support staff.
      Ability to communicate at a high-level, both orally and in writing.
      Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with
      colleagues, members of the media and the public.
      Proficiency in the use of Microsoft Office Suite


      Minimum two (2) years’ experience in Corporate Communications or Public Relations , including web
      design and development , preferably in the Public Sector .
      Training as evidenced by a recognised University Degree in Communications Studies or a related discipline.

      Ministry of Labour Vacancies Nov 2021


      Job Description: Contractual Position

      JOB SUMMARY: The incumbent will be responsible for all matters relating to the overall affairs of the National Tripartite Advisory Council Secretariat and is required to provide effective leadership in planning, organizing, managing, implementing and directing the work of the Secretariat. In the performance of these duties, the Coordinator shall be the driving force of the Secretariat, leading a small team of professional staff.

      REPORTS TO: Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Labour and Small Enterprise Development
      SUPERVISION GIVEN TO: Four (4) National Tripartite Advisory Council Researchers
      One (1) Business Operations Assistant II One (1) Driver/Courier


      • Leads a high performing team consisting of Secretariat personnel, service providers and consultants as may be required.
      • Plans, organizes, directs, manages, and co-ordinates the activities of the National Tripartite Advisory
      Council Secretariat.
      • Develops and updates strategic work plans, budgets and reports for the National Tripartite Advisory
      Council Secretariat.
      • Monitors and evaluates all secretariat activities.
      • Ensures that the Secretariat operates in a manner which represents the highest standard of fairness, equity, transparency and accountability in accordance with best practices in tripartism.
      • Direct, co-ordinates and reviews the work of staff performing various duties in the Secretariat.
      • Provides advice and interpretation to staff on very complex issues.
      • Leads a technical team that assists the National Tripartite Advisory Council in the facilitation of tripartite engagement, dialogue and consultation with other stakeholders, the preparation of
      Agreements/Protocols, the development of draft policies, programmes and projects, the implementation of actions and the assessment of their impact based on agreed outcomes.
      • Develops a research agenda for the Secretariat based on the needs of the National Tripartite Advisory Council and local, regional and international developments and ensures that the agenda is executed in a timely, comprehensive and effective manner.
      • Seeks the services of appropriate firms/consultants for the conduct of relevant studies to support the work of the National Tripartite Advisory Council where necessary.

      • Ensures the development of Strategic Plans, Implementation Plans, Operational Plans, Marketing Plans and other Plans as may be determined to support the development of the national tripartite process in Trinidad and Tobago.
      • Ensures the preparation of budgets for the development and implementation of tripartite engagement, dialogue and consultation process in Trinidad and Tobago.
      • Finalizes the agendas of meetings of the National Tripartite Advisory Council in collaboration with the Chairman and ensures that notices are issued at least seventy-two hours prior to the convening of meetings.
      • Ensures that all logistical arrangements for meetings of the National Tripartite Advisory Council are made in a timely and professional manner.
      • Arranges for the compilation, editing and review of final reports and recommendations of the National
      Tripartite Advisory Council.
      • Networks and liaises with other National Boards, Committees and Similar Institutions to exchange information, receive updates and facilitate ongoing communication on behalf of the National Tripartite Advisory Council.
      • Establishes communication with organizations locally and co-opt assistance where necessary for collaboration in areas concerned with the activities of the National Tripartite Advisory Council.
      • Disseminate information on programme through publication and press releases.
      • Ensures co-ordination of all activities organized by the National Tripartite Advisory Council such as
      Conferences/Seminars/ Consultations/Focus Group Sessions and Workshops.
      • Attends meetings of the National Tripartite Advisory Council and any Sub-Committees/groups which may be established as part of its structure.
      • Establishes a sound monitoring and evaluation framework to assess the outcomes of decisions/actions of the National Tripartite Advisory Council.
      • Develops proposals aimed at promoting the sustainability of the national tripartite process and improving its functioning, including development of technical co-operation and development projects and preparation of proposals on funding mechanisms.
      • Liaises with the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Labour and Small Enterprise Development to report on activities of the National Tripartite Advisory Council.
      • Undertakes any such duties as delegated by the Chairman of the National Tripartite Advisory Council.


      • Considerable knowledge of tripartite mechanisms at various levels and their operations.
      • Proven knowledge of best practices in tripartitism
      • Considerable knowledge of participatory mechanisms associated with democratic governance.
      • Proven knowledge of sound management techniques.
      • Extensive knowledge of research techniques.
      • Extensive knowledge of programme and project management techniques.
      • Extensive knowledge of monitoring and evaluation techniques and approaches.
      • Extensive knowledge of Government’s policy framework and related programmes, policies and projects.
      • Considerable knowledge of financial administration in the Public Sector.


      • Proven high-level managerial competence and demonstrated leadership qualities.
      • Excellent inter-personal skills, social awareness, and mediation skills.
      • Ability to co-ordinate, supervise, manage, motivate, monitor and evaluate a high-performance team.

      • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and non-verbal.
      • Excellent computer skills, including use of Microsoft Office Suite.


      • At least eight (8) to ten (10) years’ experience at a senior managerial level involved in determining strategic work plans, effectively leading a dynamic and effective team and monitoring and evaluating outcomes.
      • Post graduate degree in any of the Social Sciences, including Management, Economics, Sociology and
      Industrial Relations.
      • Certification in effective leadership will be an asset.
      • Professional certification in project management will be an asset.

      Deadline: FRIDAY 12 NOVEMBER, 2021

      Application Guidelines & Instructions

      • Only online applications will be accepted. Certicates/Diplomas/Degrees acquired at foreign universities MUST be supported by evidence from the Accreditation Council of Trinidad and Tobago (ACTT) that the programme is accredited.
      • All applications must be submitted ONLINE only with the position being applied for in the subject line to:

        NOTE: Drop-off applications will NOT be accepted.
      • An application consists:- Application Letter
        – Updated resume or curriculum vitaeNOTE: There is NO application form to be completed for submission.
      • Applications are to be addressed to:The Permanent Secretary
        Attn: Director, Human Resource Services
        Ministry of Labour
        Tower C, Level 5, International Waterfront Centre, 1A Wrightson Road, Port of Spain,
        Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
      • Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

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