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HIV positive and pregnant

Parents around the planet are exploring ways to promote family life and introduce sexual education to their children. The Positive Film Series by the Walker Lela Foundation with Executive Director, Candice Lela Rolingson, is geared toward providing the material necessary for parents to do so. These films offer sexual education and awareness to teenagers. They promote family life and sexual reproductive health awareness to young adults. They also foster awareness for the prevention of getting pregnant too young, and the eradication of HIV and AIDS.

Girl crying for positive and pregnant film

Positive and Pregnant Part One

Positive and Pregnant Part One is an international multi-award winning docudrama first premiered in 2010. The 20-minute film, featured Lorna Henry (now deceased – 2014), an advocate for the prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV/AIDS.

Fundraising campaign for other films

The Walker Lela Foundation launched the Crowd funding Campaign last year to run until March 31, 2017. The foundation has pitched several fundraising efforts with the help of NGOs and the business community for the creation of two additional short films to follow Positive and Pregnant Part One. These films will bridge the gaps left open-ended in the prequel and illustrate the characters’ battles to overcome the challenges of stigma and discrimination.


Part 2 – ‘Positive…and Still Here’ – The male perspective; this film aims to advocate for male involvement in family life and sexual reproductive awareness toward the prevention and eradication of HIV/AIDS.
Part 3 – ‘Born Free’ – This film intends to highlight the story of children born free of HIV to infected parents. The story will be told by a generation born free of HIV with an introduction to sexual education and reproductive health awareness.

Call to action

Persons wishing to donate can visit Walker Lela Foundation or contact Mrs Candice Lela Rolingson at 1-868-720-7423 or 1-646-470-9346. Visit the website for more details at

Positive films can indeed educate our generation. Moreover, television, film production and the creative industries can be utilised to solve grave socio-economic challenges faced by marginalised communities.

February 2017

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