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5 Companies that provide warehouse services

Leading warehouse organisations worldwide are expected to continue posting strong growth in 2020, driving up demand for warehouse services and solutions. Major contributors to this accelerated expansion include rising automation and the need for “smart” warehouses.

The demand for the services offered by the distribution centres in this category is expected to rise steadily as online retail sales of physical items continue to grow.

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In 2020, the worldwide warehousing business was estimated to be worth a staggering USD$1.9 trillion, an increase of around 7% from the previous year. Experts agree that the sharp increase in e-commerce sales in 2020 owing to covid-19 related shutdowns worldwide was the primary driver of this quick rise.

The world’s top warehousing companies are ranked in this article. The warehouse space they oversee and the businesses they serve will be discussed in detail.

World’s top warehouse companies
1. Ship Carte Pro

For a reasonable price, they offer warehousing services for customers throughout the United States and Canada. Expertise in both American and Canadian workplaces spanning over two decades. To ensure you save time and money while receiving first-rate service, Ship Carte has designed its freight solution to conform to your shipping practices.

The logistics of working with their crew have been meticulously planned to guarantee a pleasant and unforgettable experience. Their system allows you to make whatever adjustments you need to the shipping side of your business, and it does it straightforwardly and inexpensively. Get instantaneous quotations from all the main shipping companies and forget about the hassle of price adjustments.

Take advantage of a personal account manager and a shipment tracking dashboard available around the clock. Stop paying excessive shipping costs and wasting time with old-fashioned methods, and start working with Ship Carte immediately.

2. United Parcel Service (UPS), Atlanta, Georgia

Income for the year: USD$74.97 billion. In addition to being a major freight shipper, UPS is a major provider of “just in time” or “last mile” deliveries. The company mainly focusses on the international delivery of mail and goods.

To accomplish this, it has a network of warehouses and distribution centres comprising more than 35 million square feet and 1,000 separate buildings in 120 different countries.

Among UPS’s primary lines of business are:

  • Airline UPS
  • Shipping with UPS
  • Going-Forward Flight of UPS

These are its main product lines:

  • Delivery of parcels, mail, and documents within the United States at a specified time.
  • Transport Package Overseas. More than 220 countries and territories have been added to UPS’s list of places where they deliver shipments.
  • Freight Supply Chain. Offers a wide range of business-to-business offerings, including supply chain planning, logistics analysis, and freight forwarding.

UPS employs almost 440,000 people; the majority of them are package handlers, truck drivers, and clerks. The corporation is putting a lot of resources into environmentally friendly logistics methods. Their carbon-neutral shipping programme uses zero-emissions storage, logistics, and delivery for a fee to their clients.

3. Bonn, Germany; DHL

Sales for 2019: USD$72.43 billion. In 1969, DHL Group was founded as an American air freight transportation company, but it has since expanded its operations around the world. German Post Company acquired it in 2002. Almost 430 warehouses totalling roughly 135 million square feet are under the company’s management worldwide.

Almost 61 million letters and packages are delivered daily by DHL Group to 220 different countries. The firm employed almost 540,000 people as of early 2019.79.5% of the stock is held by public shareholders. KfW, a German state-owned bank, owns the remaining stock.

The business is now working on a plan to reduce its carbon footprint greatly. Thus, they joined together with StreetScooter to build a fleet of electric delivery cars.

4. Nippon Express USA, Tokyo, Japan

The expected annual sales of USD$19.9 billion in 2018. Nippon Express, or “Nitus” as it is more commonly known, is a logistics and distribution firm that oversees over 2.95 million square metres of storage space in Japan and an additional 2.4 million square meters abroad.

Businesses can take advantage of the company’s warehouse space and other logistics tools and solutions at any of the 744 locations spread across 48 countries that the company serves.

Nippon is an industry leader in the following areas of supply chain management:

  • Supply chain management, including warehousing and delivery
  • Logistics planning
  • Supply chain issues solved by information technology
  • Transport with a focus
  • Shipping via truck, boat, and plane
  • Local Employment with Nippon Express USA

5. XPO Logistics

Yearly Sales for 2019: USD$16.648 Trillion In logistics and transportation, XPO Logistics is a global leader.

The corporation manages almost 202 million square feet of warehouse space over 1,530 locations in 30 countries.

It offers a wide range of supply chain logistics services for businesses to businesses.

  • Cargo agency
  • The final mile of service
  • Transport by dray and intermodal
  • Shipping Worldwide

Among XPO logistics’ clientele of more than 50,000 are 69 of the Top 100’s most prestigious names.

This company ranks third in North America and is the largest less-than-truckload carrier in Western Europe.

The company’s LTL branch employs a hub-and-spoke distribution model and manages a global fleet of more than 39,000 trailers and 16,000 tractor units.

XPO Logistics is the largest last-mile logistics provider in the United States, surpassing even UPS and Amazon because of its enormous warehousing and distribution networks.

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Final thoughts

In 2020, there was a significant increase in the number of people making online purchases. For this reason, the requirement for warehouse space has increased at a far faster clip, as online retailers require more room to stock their inventory now and prepare for future expansion.

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